10 Winter Jam Moments

We had the MOST fun at Winter Jam last Saturday night!

We took our children’s church leaders to the concert and although we were exhausted on Sunday, we had a great time!

And, as always, it was an adventure… if you don’t remember, we had quite the experience the last time.

Here are a few of my favorite moments…

1. Driving downtown anywhere with my husband. That is an experience all in itself. He is brave and confident and crazy and I think you get the idea. He gets us where we are going.

2. While my friend Julie and I waited in line (you have to wait in line for a long time so that you are sure to get inside the door), the rest of the group went off in search of food. We wanted to eat before going in the arena because we knew food would be crazy expensive inside. We were in line and my phone got a text message from Jeremy saying, “we are at chipotle. we think we just saw the lead singer from group1crew and kari jobe” I thought, “Well, I’ll just tweet her and see if it was her or not.” So, I tweeted @karijobe for fun. And… just a little while later… I got a tweet back! She said, “It was me!” Totally one of the coolest things about twitter…

3. In line, I realized how much I rely on Jeremy’s, uhm… craziness when we are in big crowds. He arrived back from getting food literally minutes before the doors opened. I was so nervous I was going to have to navigate and claim seats on my own. Can we say thousands of people trying to get into the same place quickly? Not my kind of thing… Jeremy? He loves big crowds and people and being fast. If you have ever been somewhere with him you know that you MUST keep up. He is like a bullet through a crowd. But again, he gets us where we are going. Wayyyyy before everyone else.

4. We got great seats.

Jeremy is in the orange shirt down in the bottom left corner of this picture. Right on the end of a row. Everyone else was grabbing seats on the sides of the arena and Jeremy marched us all right down front and started trying to find 7 seats together. He did pretty good! We were right by the musicians side entrance and we saw quite a few of the singers and band members come out to hear the other bands play.

5. I got to go to the pre-show pastors meeting. I was one of the first ones in the room and they had over 200 people packed in this tiny room which meant I was squished right up at the front. The negative of that was that it was SOO hot in the room. I was dying and had no where to go. But the positive was that I got to see the singers up close and personal. This is Kari Jobe

and Peter Furler

and the lead singer from Skillet.

6. At the end of the pastors meeting, For KING and COUNTRY came back to where we were after they came off stage. They offered to take pictures and since I was right up front, I handed someone my phone and got my picture taken with them! Fun…

7. The bands… Winter Jam really does a great job of mixing different styles of music with a clear presentation of the gospel. I love it.

Group 1 Crew

Building 429

Kari Jobe


Sanctus Real…

and, although I do not like the hard rock of Skillet’s music, they sure did put on quite the show! Wow!

8. Peter Furler was probably my favorite of the night. He preached the gospel, quoting scripture and challenging everyone in the room all while sharing the band’s incredible musical talents. I wish I had some of it on video… there is nothing like hearing God’s Word proclaimed! I was amazed. But, I do have a hard time not seeing him as I remember him in the old Newsboys Shine music video. (that isn’t the right one but I couldn’t find the one I’m thinking of on youtube) Memories… right?

9. I did buy a pop in the arena. $4.50 for a large Sprite and they don’t give you a lid or a straw. Really? I just paid you almost $5 for a pop and you can’t give me a lid or a straw? Does anyone understand that?

10. Jeremy. Honestly, he is what makes this stuff fun. Oh, it would be fun anyway, but he makes these kinds of events interesting, embarrassing, crazy, entertaining… yes. He was singing at the top of his lungs, talking to people… he got us a great parking spot, great seats in the arena and he got us back out of the parking lot before most everyone else. He makes us laugh and keeps everyone smiling. I can’t imagine going anywhere without him… truly an adventure. Even if at moments I have to give him “the look” because he is out of control. Its the Goodwin in him… I promise.

I can’t wait for next year… so much fun!

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Have you ever been to Winter Jam?


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  1. says

    I’ve not been to Winter Jam- but one of my boys went with friends. You may have seen him! lol I was really nervous allowing him to drive 3 hours away with friends but they had a great time with only one hitch- they ran out of gas 10 minutes from our house!

    Glad to see you had such a great time. Have you considered visiting the Alive Festival this year? I think the kids and I are going to try to make it.

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