We don’t like to think of our marriage or our family as fragile.

Fragile seems to be a word of weakness.

We would much rather say that we have a strong marriage and a strong family.

Unbreakable, Unshakeable, Never-ending…

That, of course, is the goal.

Strength. Not weakness.

But, what do we do with things that are strong and durable?

We use them. We take them for granted. We test their strength. We abuse their abilities and push their limits.

These things can be thrown, washed, dropped, hit and they will make it through. They may not look as good or work as well, but they are durable enough to take everything you give it.

My girls have a Step2 slide in our backyard. That thing gets climbed on, colored on, jumped on, tipped over… you name it, they have done it. Without a thought, they beat that thing silly while they play. They can do that because they know it won’t break.

Now, think about things that are fragile.

#marriage is fragile

We cherish them. We hold them dear. We protect them. We realize their value and treat them accordingly.

My new DSLR or my angel friendship figurine or my diamond ring… I would never treat them like my girls treat their slide. I know they can break. I know they need my care and attention.

I understand the value and appreciate their delicateness.

I would say that I have a strong marriage. Jeremy and I have learned so much in the past 11 years. Sometimes it is easy to see our marriage as strong, durable and take for granted the relationship we have together.

Our marriage can take a lot and withstand the treatment of life.

Because life IS hard and our marriage needs to be strong.

But just because our marriage needs to be strong doesn’t mean that Jeremy and I can fail to recognize that marriage is fragile.

Yes, marriage and family are fragile.

Not weak… just delicate.

Why Marriage is Fragile... and that is a good thing

Our family is fragile.

Not weak… just precious.

Our marriage and our family is valuable.

They should be treated with care, held dear and fully appreciated.

Everyday we must remember how fragile relationships can be and how desperately we need to take care of them like we would any other treasure in our lives.

Just because they are strong and durable doesn’t mean we can allow life to test the limits of their strength or “beat them silly” like my girls’ slide.

Purpose to handle your family relationships with care, attention and love.

Do you treat your marriage as fragile?

Or are you doing any of these Marriage Breakers?

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  1. says

    I’ve been reading 1 Cor 13:4-7 this week….and realize the love that is necessary in the fragile days of our lives…can only come from one….and when it is received in the heart, it shines and gives purpose to all….all things fragile….Thank you!

  2. says

    hey jenilee- my daughter hopped up on my lap while I had this post open…she asked “who are those girls?”…and then she said “they are pretty” {just wanted to pass on the love}

  3. says

    Oh, sweet Jenilee….YES. These are fantastic words – thank you for sharing them. It definitely gives me a new perspective.

    Blessings to you, my friend!

  4. says

    Absolutely beautiful post!!!! My family is very precious to me and therefore I work at making sure they know it. My hubby and I work at making sure our love withstands the storm. Only through the Lord and each other will we make it the other side.
    Thank you for your words reminding me how fragile that bond can be. Time for a date night I think. :)

  5. says

    What a lovely post! Thanks for the reminder about how fragile families can be. I love your perspective. I can’t wait to explore your blog…so happy to have landed here. :)

  6. says

    What a beautiful perspective! I love these words, thank you for writing them. My husband and I have been crazy-busy lately and not taking the time to treat our marriage as precious, I definitely needed to hear this.

  7. says

    What beautiful perspective you’ve provided here. That is so true! I really needed to hear it today as I think I’ve gotten too comfortable with “durable” and we need a good dose of “fragile” in these parts!

  8. says

    LOVE THIS, Miss Jenilee!! Such a perfect way to describe marriage and family and the need to nurture and take care of the precious gifts we’ve been given. Great word pictures, too. This was so well written. Very encouraging reminder. Thank you!

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