Gluten Free Menu at Chuck E. Cheese

In September, our family visited Chuck E. Cheese and we were able to bless one of you with some coupons to experience Chuck E. Cheese for yourselves.

We LOVE Chuck E. Cheese.

Now, we love Chuck E. Cheese even more.

Well… Mommy sure loves Chuck E. Cheese even more…


In our previous visit, I couldn’t eat any pizza. So. Sad.

But, those days are over! 

This month, Chuck E.Cheese rolled out their brand NEW Gluten Free pizza and cupcakes!

Can we scream and cheer and smile and say, “yeah!” together?

Seriously, check. this. out.

This isn’t some “Well, we’ll give you a gluten free crust but we can’t fully guarantee that it hasn’t been contaminated” kind of gluten free menu.

This is the REAL. DEAL.

When you are dealing with food allergies and food sensitivities, this matters.

To see a company care about every person who walks in their doors is wonderful.

Chuck E. Cheese cares about giving you truly gluten free options for yourself or for your family.

So, off we went to try this new menu. Mommy was SUPER excited.

Pizza is something to celebrate in this family. And cupcakes? Well, I can always have more chocolate!

While the family played…

 and played…

and played…

and played…

and SMILED lots and lots…

I checked out their new gluten free pizza.

One of the staff members warned me that the packaging might look a little dark. He said, “That’s because we really do cook it in the packaging so that we are sure it hasn’t been contaminated with gluten.”

I appreciated that the staff was actually knowledgeable about gluten and could talk to me in real terms about gluten free food.

Talk about cool… they even give you a brand new mini pizza cutter for your pizza.

That is gluten free service at its best!

As for the taste of the pizza… it wasn’t the best gluten free pizza I’d ever had… neither was it the worst.

It had a good flavor and the crust was flaky and not greasy at all, like some gluten free pizza crusts.

We really loved that pizza cutter. Can you tell?

And the cupcake?

Well, the lady who gave it to me said that this was the last one in the store. They were selling like crazy.

And they tasted fabulous.

Another observation about the new gluten free menu items at Chuck E. Cheese… they are priced well.

$5.99 for the pizza (a little bit larger than a personal pan pizza at Pizza Hut) and $2.99 for the cupcake.

If you’ve ever purchased gluten free pizza, you know that is not bad at all.

As we were finishing eating, another employee came over to see if we needed anything.

She said, “Oh, you had the gluten free pizza? You wouldn’t believe how many moms tell us thank you every day that we are carrying that. I can’t believe how many kids need to eat that pizza!”

I stand with those moms saying “Thank You” to Chuck E. Cheese. Thanks for stepping out and meeting need for kids with diet restrictions. Great Job!

We had another amazing night at Chuck E. Cheese and the kids had a blast.

Thanks Chuck E. Cheese for allowing us to experience your new Gluten Free Menu!

Gluten Free families… go out and give it a try…

Also, everyone comment here about what you think of a company doing this for Gluten Free families… let’s all tell them “Thank You” together!

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    That is so neat! We don’t have a Chuck E. Cheese nearby but have visited one a couple hours away. The kids loved it and always ask to go back. I am so glad to know that next time we’re there I will be able to eat!

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