A Funny Mom Moment

We were staying in a hotel last weekend while doing a missions convention for a church.

The hotel had a pool so before the kids went to bed on Saturday, they got to go swimming.

Much to their delight…

Well, after swimming, they needed showers before bed.

Annalise and Abby went first. I helped them wash their hair and got them in jammies and ready for bed.

Elayna was last.

She yelled out to me, “Mom! This conditioner is NOT working!!”

I thought, “ugh… nasty chlorine” and then said, “Honey, just try washing your hair again. It can be really hard to get the chlorine feel out of long hair.”


and then a few minutes later I heard, “It still doesn’t feel right.”

She got in her jammies and went to sleep along with her sisters.

Well, early Sunday morning, I was up getting ready. I started to wash my hair and then went to use conditioner.

Picking up the bottle, I realized that I had accidentally put the hotel shampoo and hotel LOTION in the shower instead of the conditioner!

All three of my children washed their hair with LOTION!

Total mom fail.

“Elayna, remember when you said that the conditioner didn’t feel right? Well, it was lotion NOT conditioner. You were right.”

“I knew it was weird!!” she said.


No matter how tired you are after traveling all day and doing a missions dinner that night… READ THE BOTTLE before putting some random product in your kids hair!

More missionary funny moments to come… of that I have no doubt!

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