#GiveinJune – FAQ

The #GiveinJune Project is getting off the ground and we are getting some questions!

Can you explain this to me again?

Yes! The #GiveinJune Project is to help us keep raising our budget in the month of June. We will be in missionary training and unable to visit churches. Our #GiveinJune churches or groups will commit to giving a monthly pledge and/or an offering even though we can not be with them in person. This will allow money to still be coming into our account in a month when we normally would see no new commitments or offerings.

What will you send me as part of the #GiveinJune team?

We will send you prayer cards, a short video, our profile sheet and a commitment form. 

How do I present this to my church or group if you are not there?

You can use any of the information about our missions journey that you find right here on the blog! A good place to start is our Missionary Info tab. You can share with your church or group that you are wanting to partner with us in a unique way. You want to help keep our budget going even when we are unable to visit churches. Feel free to share about our family and what God is leading us to do in Senegal with childrens ministry.

How did you come up with this idea?

Honestly, we feel God gave it to us! We were praying about how to raise our budget in time for language school in January and we knew we needed to get creative. This idea was a new, creative way for raising support in a normally very low month.

Who can be a part of the #GiveinJune team?

Anyone. Anywhere! We have friends reading from all over the world and it would be incredible to have families, groups and churches involved from many different places!

What kinds of groups can partner with you?

Any group! Your Sunday School class, your women’s Bible study, your youth group, your family, your church, your life group or small group, even your homeschool group! This is perfect for a small group giving project. It is perfect for a large group giving project. Hey, it is just perfect!

Where do we send our monthly commitment or our offering?

Directly to Assemblies of God World Missions

When do we do this?

That is entirely up to you and your June schedule. What Sunday works best for you? What day does your group meet? Choose a date and let us know. We can have more than one group participating each week. The more the merrier!

If we do this, do we have to support you every month?

No, you can have your group just make a one time gift to our missions account. But, it is monthly commitments that help get us to the field. We would love for your group to partner with us monthly.

Will you come visit our church or group at another time?

Absolutely!! If we can make it happen, we sure will! Another idea is Skype or Google Chat. Any way we can interact with your group, we would be happy to work that out!

How can we connect with other groups/churches who are partnering with you in June?

Using the hashtag #GiveinJune on twitter or instagram. You can also post directly to our facebook page or tag Our Goodwin Journey in your facebook post.

Again, this is a totally new (and maybe way outside the box) way of giving and helping a newly appointed missionary.

Having groups and churches support us in June will mean more than you can possibly know. It will help us continue to have funds going in our account at a crucial time in our support raising.

If you would like to talk to me in person about #GiveinJune, just shoot me an email. I’d be happy to chat with you!

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