Top Five Marriage Resources

Top Five Marriage Resources

Marriage seems to be a hot topic here on the blog these days.

That is so fun for me because I love talking about marriage!

Whether it is things you should NOT do in marriage or writing an ultimate guide to marriage… or even keeping marriage hot during the busy seasons of life, I love talking marriage with all of you.

Marriage is hard work and we all need to encourage each other. I’m excited that this blog has become a place for that.

I even have some fun marriage book reviews and giveaways coming up soon!

Marriage is amazing and blogging about it is a joy.

But, in no way do we have it all together or get it right every time. Just because I write about marriage doesn’t mean I know it all or we have mastered this “becoming one” thing.

I write as Jeremy and I learn… and as we all know… there is tons to learn when it comes to marriage.

We literally learn new things every day. Which is perfect for keeping life blogable!

Because we are learning, I have some go-to resources on the topic of marriage. Some places on the web that I know I can get good, solid advice and encouragement about marriage.

Here are just a few…

1. Author/speaker – Gary Thomas. His new blog is fantastic.

2. Happy Wives Club – check this out.

3. Focus on the Family – a whole range of resources for marriage!

4. Dave Barringer – a friend and pastor who blogs some great things on marriage

5. My Pinterest Marriage Board – I’m always finding great ideas, quotes, and posts on pinterest!

Another resource that you might want to check out:

Marriage Tune-Up – we haven’t done this yet but would love to soon! If you are at all close to Ohio, this is something available to you through Emerge Ministries.

Not to mention emagazines like Best of Life or Woman to Woman

Ok, that is more than 5 resources… but I love them all!

What is one of your go-to marriage resources?



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