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Our Goodwin Journey takes many twists and turns. The journey is full of adventures, prayer needs, blessings, joys, and even a few sorrows.

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Through all the journeys, all the adventures, all the hard, all the joy, all the answered prayers, and all the things yet to pray.

Writing behind the prayer card, Jenilee shares the things that can often only be softly spoken through type.

A little window into our lives overseas, glimpses of the many facets to our days… some that have been here since the beginning, some that are new paths we’re walking on this journey.

This is different from our missions newsletter… short little emails to let you know about new posts, favorite things, and resources that could help you on your journey.

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Just Jenilee

Moving Overseas

  1. You need some help.
  2. The lists seem overwhelming.
  3. You aren’t sure where to start.
  4. Shopping
  5. Packing
  6. You just want someone to talk you through what’s next.

Resources for Overseas Life

Jenilee’s round-up of posts on all things #overseaslife… plus, a list of her favorite places online to connect and learn more about this crazy, expat journey.

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