Fun Date Night Ideas - 10 Date Ideas to Plan Right Now

10 Fun Date Night Ideas

Ready for some fun date night ideas?

So far, we have 20 date ideas you BOTH will love and Top Ten Date Nights

I have come up with a few more so I thought I’d give another list.

Fun Date Night Ideas - 10 Date Ideas to Plan Right Now

Fun Date Night Ideas

1. Candy Store – oh. yes. Go to a candy store and pick out a bunch of fun flavors and kinds of chocolates to try. You will have a blast taste testing and it is pretty romantic to share chocolate with your spouse! Add in coffee and your date is perfect!

2. Ice Cream Shop – same idea as above. very romantic to share ice cream! Choose a shop that has a fun place to sit and you have a date!

Fun Date Night Ideas - 10 Date Ideas to Plan Right Now

3. Games on your phone or tablet. We sat at a table for quite awhile once and played a competitive silly game. It was fun and we might have even flirted a little while being quite competitive!

4. Ethnic Markets – Does your town have a unique market or store? Exploring a new place and maybe choosing a few new foods to try makes a great date!

5. Walking Nature Trails – Did you know that most nature trails have benches throughout at scenic points? Walk. Sit. Enjoy.


6. Painting – Painting classes are popping up everywhere! I don’t know how well I’d paint it would be fun to try with Jeremy.

7. Rock Wall Climbing – Okay Jeremy suggested this the other day. I will have to think about it but it could be very fun!

8. Coffee Tasting – tour different coffee places and try new things! Especially your local coffee shops. You could even just learn to make coffee at home!

9. Antiques – Go check out an antique mall or store together. This makes for great conversations and gives you new things to learn about!

10. Canoeing – We are coming in to summer and this is such a great couples activity! Now Jeremy paddles while I enjoy some sunshine, but renting a canoe and spending some time on the river is great couple time!

Going on dates, having fun, spending time together is so very important for ALL couples!

Dates help you remember why you love each other and help you make new memories to carry with you over the years. They also help you keep things HOT during the busy times!

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Take pictures, smell the roses, walk slowly… cherish the moments.

Do you have another fun date night ideas to add to the list?



  1. My husband always enjoy walking and visiting antique stores. We do really well just to “window” shop, unless it’s something that I really think I just can’t live without. If we’re on a “date” when we are browsing, my husband is more likely to buy it for me. 🙂 Isn’t that funny?

  2. Hi Jenilee,

    I found your post at the Mommy Bloggers G+ group. Nice to meet you!

    Love these ideas. I”m not sure if I can get the hubs to go to a candy store or take a painting class but it’s worth a try!

    We still like to attend concerts and once a month we take off and spend the night at the beach. Now that our kids are teens we can get away more often. :).

    Thanks for sharing these tips, definitely sharing! Hoping we can connect, happy Tuesday!

    1. thanks SO MUCH for stopping by and sharing about your dates! concerts is a fun one! and a night at the beach is such a great outing. Nice to meet you!

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