Start Running - 15 Running Helps for New Runners

15 Running Helps for New Runners

If you want to start running, it requires a few running helps for new runners.

Running is one of those things I NEVER, NEVER thought I’d do.

I don’t like to run. Well, I didn’t like to run.

Now, I have this love/hate relationship with running.

I’ve been running since August.

Beginning with the #C25K app and then now pacing myself and training on my own with Jeremy.

I wrote about my beginner runner’s journey here with some tips for you to know before you start running.

Quick… go read that top ten and then come back.


At that post, I was running 2.5 miles in about 35 minutes.

I’m now able to run 6 miles in an 65 minutes.

I can do a 5K in under 30. That is crazy. for me.

2.5 miles went from super hard to a nice run… and I love that.

We are now working on those long runs. Click here for what we are learning and what you must know for long runs.

But those times don’t just happen. There is a LOT to know to start running.

So much more than I ever thought.

Running is hard on your body and to do it well without injury, there is plenty to learn.

I recently said on facebook, “Things I thought I’d never do: running, talk to a sports store about running, schedule a gait analysis, google hip bursitis, buy sports tape for Achilles tendon issues… the list keeps going. Crazy! Jeremy ran his first 1/2 marathon last night so I’ve got to get moving! #motivation”

Yep. Jeremy ran his first 13.1 the other night. Amazing.

I’m not there yet… probably still a few months away from that… but I’m on my way there.

{updated to say I’ve now run a marathon!}

And here are some more helps every runner should know…

Start Running - 15 Running Helps for New Runners

I might be smiling in that picture, but if you look close? That is my “I’m smiling even though this is crazy hard” smile. Can you tell?

Running can and will make you smile for real but there is a lot of training, dedication and learning that goes into making runs successful.

Start Running

1. Know your body. Every ache and pain could mean something. Running with bad posture, running in the wrong shoes, running too much… listen to what your body is telling you and try to figure out how to make it better. We are doing a gait analysis at a local sports store soon to see how we can improve. Check into that in your area!

2. Get familiar with your local running store. Find one that has qualified, running staff. People who know their running info first hand. Talk to them. Ask questions. Tell them what is going on. They will help you. They want to help you.

3. Running is expensive but worth the expense. Having the right running gear is expensive. Having the right therapy tools will cost money. The benefits are worth it. Stress relief, overall health, strong defense against heart problems and so much more. Spend it now or spend it at the doctor later.

4. Know when you can run and when you can’t. Take rest days. Know your pain. Is it something you can run with like hip bursitis? or something you need to let completely heal before running again like Achilles heal issues or a stress fracture?

5. Don’t increase too fast. It is exhilarating to realize you can go farther than 3 miles. My first 6 miles was SO cool. But, increasing distance, speed and adding hills all in one month was a huge set back for me because it irritated my Achilles and my hip so I’m back to running slow and wearing compression socks on my foot until they both heal.

6. Pick one thing to work on at a time. Speed? Distance? Difficulty? This goes with #5. Don’t increase them all at the same time.

7. Hydrate and prepare your body for long runs. Running more than 3-5 miles is incredibly hard on your body. Make sure you are ready for a run like that. Read up on ways to prepare your body and do it. You might even want a running belt with space for small water bottles. That can be very helpful!

8. Don’t compare yourself and your progress. Jeremy just ran 13.1 miles. I could NOT do that yet. I need to be good with where I am and not worry about where he is. I’ll get there. When my body is ready.

9. If you have to stop running for an injury, rest. Ice. Heat. ibuprofen. compression socks. massage {check these out!}, limit weight on the injury. Let it fully heal. The impatience to get out and run will shock you. I can’t believe how hard it is to stop running and rest! But do it anyway.

10. Any run is better than no run. 1 mile is better than sitting on the couch. 100 calories burned is better than no calories burned. Get up. Get moving. Use what time you have and make the best of it. A short run isn’t a failed run. Leaving your couch is success.

11. Cool down. Do it. Make time to walk at the end of a run.

12. Stretching. Find some videos on youtube, think back to gym class, read about the best stretches for your body… then do them. a few times a day. I find myself stretching a lot. It really helps!

13. Strength training. Yoga once a week. Free weights or push ups… anything you can do to boost muscle strength will help your runs!

14. Cross training. Fit in bike rides, long walks, hikes through the woods… other kinds of exercise might not burn the calories like running does but they are very important for overall health and will help your running!

15. Change it up. Don’t always run in the same place. Not only is this safer for you, it is better for your body.

That is a lot to take in.

But, go slow. Get the knowledge you need to be a better runner and your body will thank you.

The success of running and running well is so good for you and for your family.

Start Running - 15 Running Helps for New Runners

Now, more fit and healthy than I’ve ever been… 12-15 miles (sometimes 20) per week!

What is a running help you can add to the list?

Check out my fitness and running boards on pinterest! You might also like my Top Ten Weightloss Tips

And on days you need encouraged, here are some things I tell myself





  1. YES! I started running last spring, in much the same position as you, and doing a TON of research. I’m also at about the same place, 5 k (I’m in Canada :D) is a nice run, where last fall it was whoa, I can’t do that! LOL Now I’m running a 10k on Saturday! Woot! Great post and tips!! :0)

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