Marriage Therapy - 3 Things You Should Do Right Now

3 Things You Should Do Right Now in Your Marriage

Marriage therapy is something we can do each day. As a way to keep our marriage healthy, learn more about each other and grow in our relationship skills, we can do something every single day that helps our marriage grow.

You might be curious about what we do in our everyday lives to help us in these ways.

Well, it started with a date.

A big, fun, visit lots of places kind of date.


No kids. No stress.

Just a fun, planned day together.

{Jeremy planned the day using my 20 Dates post}

Seriously, isn’t this too cute?

Marriage Therapy - 3 Things You Should Do Right Now

This bear’s name is Bearemy (the name on his cute little foot), he sports some fantastic eye brows and I got his hat for $3 on the sale rack.


We had such a great day and it felt wonderful to spend a day, just us.

I realized that day, that there are a few things we should do once and awhile for our marriage.

DIY Marriage Therapy.

Things that we don’t always take the time to do.

Marriage Therapy - 3 Things You Should Do Right Now

Things that will help us stay connected, protect our marriage and keep us on the same page.

3 things you should do right now… especially if it has been awhile since you’ve done these things!

1. Plan a date. Get your calendars out, find a date and right it in with a sharpie marker or as google calendar event on your phone or however you keep dates! Schedule it in and make sure it happens. Take a look at these fun ideas!

2. Give your spouse a kiss. Really… make a physical connection. Hold his hand, grab a quick hug while making dinner… for some reason, after we are married for a while this simple, flirty practice falls to the side and doesn’t happen as often as it should.

3. Pray for your spouse. Find a quiet moment and pray, really pray, for your spouse, your marriage, your life together. We need to be on guard for our marriages and prayer is a powerful tool we don’t often use!

Our date was a success and we can’t wait for the next time we go out together.

Planning to hold his hand and pray for him today!

So, go grab your hubby and your calendar… do these things right now!



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