World Missions Sunday - 5 Things Missionaries Need when they visit your church

5 Things Missionaries Need When They Visit Your Church

You know the Sunday… it is world missions day at church.

You walk in to church and there is a stranger in the foyer standing by a table smiling at you.

Then you remember that the pastor said a visitor from somewhere in the world would be coming to your church.

You shyly glance over and have no idea what to say or do.

World Missions Sunday - 5 Things Missionaries Need when they visit your church

Something you might not know is that the person standing there by that table might not know what to do either.

Rather, they know WHAT to do… it just feels awkward and even a little tense.

They stand there wanting to talk to you but unsure whether you want to talk to them!

Unsure if you know who they are… unsure if you are interested in what they are doing.

Being a new overseas worker at a church is a lot like being a new visitor to your church.

And, imagine being “new” every single week. For months on end.

How can you help? What are some things that you can do to make this easier on you and on them?

1. When you hear someone is coming to your church, get online and find them! Look up their website, get to know what they are doing, see their family and familiarize yourself with who they are. Then, when you walk in, you already have questions and you are excited to meet them in person! You can even do this on your phone that day. Most overseas workers will give you their social info… grab it and get to know them!

2. Smile. A smile doesn’t commit you to giving money or even taking a prayer card. Just smiling when you look their way let’s them know they are welcome at your church.

3. Walk up to their table. These people have some pretty awesome stuff on their tables. You can sign up for their newsletter or take a prayer card. But really, just saying hello is a huge blessing to their family.

4. If they have kids, jump in and help. Does your church have kids classes going on? Where are the kids classes? Who are the kids leaders? Most workers are busy talking to people, getting ready for service and setting up their display. They would love your help with their kids!

5. Commit to something. Can you pray? Can you give? They are traveling to raise awareness of work overseas and build support for ministry. You are a vital, VITAL part of that support! Knowing that people are willing to pray and willing to give is a HUGE help. It can be as simple as $5 in the offering each month or signing up for their newsletter and praying when you open it or putting their prayer card in your kitchen so your family can keep them in mind until the next time you see them. Commit to doing something. Overseas work can’t happen without the entire family of God mobilizing together for Kingdom causes.

World Missions Sunday - 5 Things Missionaries Need when they visit your church

These are just a few simple ways you can be involved when an overseas worker comes to your church for world missions Sunday.

Very plainly, these are things they need from you, even if they don’t always speak up about those needs.

What are some ways that you get involved with work overseas at your church? What do you think when you walk in and see a visitor with a table? How are you able to help make their Sunday with you church more successful?




  1. We’re about to send off some missionaries from our church, and I’m so excited about this! I’ll have to share this post with them.

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