Tips for Beginner Runners - tips from our journey beginning to run

Tips for Beginner Runners

A beginner runner’s journey… you are there, right?

Alternately titled: Things You Should Know Before You Start Running


If You Don’t Know These Things Before You Start Running You Could Be In A Painful Heap In Just 2 Days

wait… those would be way too long for blog post titles…

but they would work.


There really is a journey to running. The learning curve is massive.

Running looks deceptively simple but it is realistically quite complicated. There is just so. much. to. learn.

Your body will protest.

Your mind will want to quit.

You will need cheerleaders.

You will need information.

I started running using the #C25K app.

In August, I dug in and put all those hotel fitness centers to work. I had some running shoes, a few pieces of workout wear and some music on my phone. That’s about all I knew at the beginning.

I completed the first 5 weeks of the program really strong. I felt like the #C25K program was an incredible way to start running from scratch.

Tips for Beginner Runners - tips from our journey beginning to run

After a severely sprained ankle, weeks of recovery, a touch and go few months of running, a sore hip, some knee pain, muscle issues…

(Yes. I’ve had all that since August)

Even after that list of complications… there are a few things I’ve learned about being a beginner runner.

1. Get a partner. Jeremy ran with me and it forced me to keep it real and stick to the plan. No quitting.

2. No Quitting. Did I say that already? Really, keep going. no matter what.

3. Find the right shoes. Go to a store, ask a runner… find out what kind of shoes you should have and don’t be afraid to spend some money.

4. Find the right clothes. Nothing is worse than running with uncomfortable clothing. Not all comfy clothes will work for running either. Real running clothes is not a gimmick… they were created for a reason.

5. Get Techy. Apps, music, headphones, arm bands… you will need them all.

6. Strength Train. Sprained ankles, sore muscles, hip pain, knee pain… so much of this can be prevented by a little strength training each week.

7. Take Breaks. You can’t run every day and expect to stay injury free. Let your body recoup the way it needs to do. If your running plan says rest? REST.

8. Find the Right Place. I LOVE running on trails outside. Wayyy less boring than running inside. I did sprain my ankle on a trail… trail running is slightly more dangerous and a little more challenging but I love it. Really, running outside is perfect. But, a treadmill will work too.

9. Get Healthy. Drink water, cut out things you know you should cut out. Running is hard on your body and you need to be eating full, healthy, protein strong meals.

10. Give Yourself TIME. Becoming a runner takes time. Your body needs to adjust to your new way of working out.

11. Get all the information you can. Read about running. Read about training. Ask questions. Talk to other runners. Be informed.

I’m in November now and my body is STILL adjusting to running.

I can run a solid 30 minutes now and turn out 2 and a half miles.

I’m still in the aches and pains of training. I’m still having to fight through the final 11-12 minutes. I’m still praying it gets easier.

With not being able to run outside all the time like I could in the summer, I’m trying to push through running indoors.

I’m trying to push through sore muscles and aching joints as my body toughens up.

But this is my running journey so far…

Are you a runner? What have you learned?

Are you NOT a runner? Would you ever try?



  1. I have ran a 5k before, but have not ran in a few years. Now my son (9) wants to run and of course he wants me to do it with him! Yikes! I think he could probably already run at least 1 mile. Do you think it would be ok for him to do the c25k? Where is the best place to go for all of this information? Like strength training and stuff?

    1. Absolutely! We had my girls do the C25K program and it worked well for them. I did allow them to repeat a few weeks at the beginning if they felt like it was going too fast but it does set a good pattern for healthy running pace! As for strength training, for 9 years old, you could focus on cross training with bikes, jump rope, or sports to help build muscle and stamina. Let me know how it goes!!

    2. Thank you so much for your response! I am excited and nervous about this new adventure. I am not 100% sure that I can do it now, but would like to try.

      What resources did you use for strength training for you?


  2. I am NOT a runner, but 2 of my friends are trying to talk me into training for a 5K with them. It is just over 2 months away and I am very apprehensive. I have the C25K app, and they promise they will help. I am heading to the local sporting goods store today to check out running gear….I hate to commit to it monetarily before I’m on board, but I feel like I will never get on board with that commitment. Thank you for your post. I found the tips very helpful!

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