5 Tips for Planning your Vow Renewal

Why A Vow Renewal Matters

Have you ever thought of having a vow renewal ceremony?

I had a dream, a fairy tale dream of renewing our vows for our 10th Anniversary.

{Now that we are nearing our 20th, I might have some ideas for our next vow renewal!}

But it was a dream of fitting in my dress, renewing our vows and having new wedding pictures taken since we only have the proofs of our actual wedding photos and we couldn’t get any prints made due to a fire.

Jeremy suggested trying to make something happen for our 10th Anniversary so the girls could be a part of it.

Miracle of miracles, my dress did fit, we had gorgeous weather and an afternoon with Jeremy’s aunt and uncle who married us 10 years ago.

We kept our vow renewal very simple, with just our little family. We headed to a park and had the most perfect vow renewal ceremony I could have ever imagined.

Why A Vow Renewal Matters - Tips for A Fairy Tale DayWe laughed and cried, prayed and renewed our vows to each other.

I have to say that my husband wrote the most amazing, most beautiful, most thoughtful vows I have ever heard. That anniversary gift will stay with me the rest of my life. That moment is forever locked in my heart.

Why A Vow Renewal Matters - Tips for A Fairy Tale Day

As I was getting ready for our trip and packing up our wedding clothes, I thought, “This is almost silly. Why are we doing this?” But, now looking back… I am so thankful, so blessed that we took the time to do it.

I kept telling myself, “Just do it. The girls will love it and you’ll have your pictures.”

Now, that thought has changed.

The girls honestly weren’t that interested! And, although the pictures are gorgeous and a precious gift, they don’t matter all that much either.

It was the moment of standing there together, renewing our promises to each other that has become priceless to me.Why A Vow Renewal Matters - Tips for A Fairy Tale Day

Why A Vow Renewal Matters - Tips for A Fairy Tale Day
Why A Vow Renewal Matters - Tips for A Fairy Tale Day
Why A Vow Renewal Matters - Tips for A Fairy Tale Day
Why A Vow Renewal Matters - Tips for A Fairy Tale DayWhy A Vow Renewal Matters - Tips for A Fairy Tale Day


Why A Vow Renewal Matters - Tips for A Fairy Tale Day


Why A Vow Renewal Matters - Tips for A Fairy Tale Day


Why A Vow Renewal Matters - Tips for A Fairy Tale Day


Why A Vow Renewal Matters - Tips for A Fairy Tale Day


Why A Vow Renewal Matters - Tips for A Fairy Tale Day

Thanking our heavenly Father for a wonderful life and marriage and praising Him for the many years to come…

5 Tips for Planning your Vow Renewal

My vow renewal tips for your own fairy tale day:

1} Just do it. Plan it. Make it happen. You’ll be so glad you did!

2} Keep it simple or make it big. Depending on what you did for your actual wedding. Our wedding day was big and stressful and honestly, exhausting. I wanted our vow renewal to be simple, fun and stress-free.

3} Write our your own vows. They mean so much more the second time through. Then, save them.

4} Take the time for pictures. Even if you aren’t back in your wedding dress for the occasion. Make memories and take pictures. Have some fun. I was actually considering a “trash the dress” photo shoot but when Elayna saw me in my dress, she wanted to wear it one day. Now it is safely packed in a box by David’s Bridal for her wedding day. Whether she chooses to wear it then or not, it’s ready for her.

5} Involve your kids in the vow renewal. Even though they didn’t seem too interested that day, it will be something they remember.

Do you have plans to renew your vows?

What would you include in a vow renewal ceremony?




  1. BEAUTIFUL!!!! Oh my goodness, I am sitting hear tearing up all over the place. What a wonderful example for your children!!!

    … and you fit in your dress! WOW! You look gorgeous!

    Thanks SO much for linking up a ‘Only A Breath’! 🙂

    Happy New Year! Praying for God’s blessings for your precious family in 2012,

  2. The pictures are gorgeous!! And so are you 🙂 I love that it ended up meaning so much more to you than just the dress and the pictures. What a beautiful day!

  3. What a beautiful post!! What beautiful photos!! What a beautiful marriage!!! Congratulations on 10 years, may you be blessed with many, many more!

  4. Oh that is so precious! How beautiful you were in your dress and he was absolutely handsome in his tux! Love the family pic, it was perfect. Congrats on 10 years!

  5. Oh, Jenilee that is just so beautiful!! The pictures are so precious! I’m so happy for you guys that you could do that. Our 10 year anniversary is in 3 1/2 years….something to think about. :)Oh, and how did you fit into a wedding dress 8 days after not fitting into it? 🙂

  6. My heart is so full! I absolutely enjoyed reading your post and seeing the lovely pictures! I pray God’s continued blessings on you and your beautiful family!! HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!

  7. Ohhhhh my word!~ That is the MOST precious, beautiful celebration of love I have ever seen. You are a beautiful bride .. even today Jenilee! Your pictures are so pretty,, but you are right ,, that moment will be unforgettable! You are such a special couple to make the time to do this!
    Cherished is the word that I thought of when I saw your pictures… you and your husband have the special key to marriage.. cherish.
    (I love the truck ingredient also.. heehee!)

  8. Two things:
    1. I’m mad and slightly..ok…maybe a LOT jealous that you fit into your wedding gown.
    2. GORGEOUS!! Really, really gorgeous and what an awesome memory for your family.

  9. How truly beautiful and wonderful! The pics turned out amazing and you both look so fab! 🙂

    I still have my wedding dress and you make me wanna do the same thing at 10 yrs.

  10. This is SO incredible, Jen!! You looked stunning (WOW! 10 YEARS and you fit in your gown–CONGRATS!) and the deep love in your eyes is shining. I’m so happy to see pictures of your special day.

    Praying blessings on your marriage.

  11. Jenilee..how utterly beautiful is this? This makes me smile sitting here looking at your fairy tale. What a amazing thing to share with your girls. I love the picture of Jeremy with the 3 girls and with you and the girls.

    Here is to 60+ more.

  12. Jenilee…I am so glad you had your Fairy Tale day! The pictures were awesome, and you and Jeremy look so happy! You re so beautiful…but even better… contentment shines on your face along with your beauty!

    Loved your dress!

    Here’s to another 10 happy years and many more after that!

    Happy Anniversary!

    Love, Linda

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