A Missionary - Things a New Missionary Thinks About

Thoughts of a New Missionary

There is SO much rolling through my brain as a missionary.

A NEW missionary.

In fact, I think while I sleep, while I eat, while I shop, while I work.

My mind does not shut down.

I’m working on how to rest my brain. We’ve got to find a new normal of being able to rest in the midst of storms of activity.

Part of working that out, for me, is writing it out.

I make lists. Lots and lots and lots of lists. I even had to move my desk down into the schoolroom and take over a whole bookshelf to create an office of sorts for myself because of all the books, paperwork and lists that were crowding out our entire dining room.

No joke.

Our lives just got exponentially more full.

A Missionary - Things a New Missionary Thinks About

more busy.

more crazy.

and, of course, super fun.

So, what are some things I’m thinking about as a missionary?

The practical things about being a missionary that I’m thinking about right now.

1. Our house… we have SO MUCH STUFF. Hunting, fishing, camping, yard/gardening, games, books, scrapbooking… not to mention the girls toys and our clothes and winter boots and gloves and hats and then we have movies and kitchen stuff and homeschooling supplies… Ah! What do you do with all that stuff? I am in the process of dividing it up into piles. Sell pile. Africa pile. Language school pile. Storage pile. Itineration travels pile. The question of what do we really need to have with us at this point in the game and where does the rest of the stuff go until we need it? Exhausting.

(Did I mention our house has to SELL?)

2. Where will we live? If our house sells… lots of options. Weighing them out. Whew!

3. The girls schooling… they are doing fine right now. We are not doing anything especially creative and they are sticking pretty much to basic school subjects right now. Lots of library studies and unschooling happening too. Homeschooling on the road will happen soon. We’ve got to figure that out. The homeschooling during language school… uhm, help? Then, possibility of international school in Senegal? Realizing that when we return home from our 2nd term, Elayna will be in COLLEGE?

4. My hair is going to totally frizz in the high humidity of Senegal. Just sayin’.

5. Learning how to effectively communicate our needs to others. This is hard for us. Meaning asking people to give and help us raise our budget for Africa. Big, difficult stuff.

Communication and missions.

Social Media and missions.

6. Prayer cards, website, letterhead, newsletters… tons of information to get out and then develop the best way of getting it into the hands of churches and pastors for prayer and support.

7. Totally new learning curve on so many things… my mind spins. New places, new information, new experiences, new processes, new. new. new.

8. Leaving our home and our church and our state. There is sadness mixed in with the excitement. It is a very weird feeling. The sadness is real and overwhelming. The excitement is real and overwhelming too.

9. Creatively sharing our story and prayerfully asking God to give us direction.

10. Preparing our girls for what is ahead when I’m not even sure what is ahead! Big job.

And, don’t get me wrong. This is not a worry list.

God has gone before and behind us at every single step of the way through this entire process.

I have no doubt that He will continue. I have no doubt that He will provide our every need.

He is already opening doors, paving the road and showing us His mighty hand at work.

I can honestly say I’m not worried! That is a refreshing thought.

But, I can say, that these things are an active part of my thinking right now. They are things that we are working through, processing and planning as we step out into brand new territory as missionaries.

Sound fun?

A Missionary - Things a New Missionary Thinks About

‘Cause we’re ready!

What are some things you are thinking about?

Some interesting thoughts about what it means to be a missionary in today’s world.

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