Top Ten About Homeschooling from my Girls

A Top Ten From My Girls About Homeschooling

When I started homeschooling, it wasn’t because I wanted to shelter my kids or because I was upset with our local elementary school or because I thought my kids would just love it.

I started homeschooling because we have a desire to live in Africa as missionaries full time one day. We don’t know what our schooling options will one day be.

{We are now in Africa and our girls are going to boarding school. You just never know what the future will bring but I’m incredibly thankful for our homeschool years now as our girls are teens!}

God had planted us in a church FULL of homeschooling families! Families who had been homeschooling for many years. Families full of resources and opportunities to learn from in my beginning years.

God blessed me with homeschooling mentors right within my own church and I felt like it was time to dive in.

What I’ve realized after homeschooling for a few years is that not only do I love the family time, the precious learning moments and the freedom to school as we choose, I love that my kids LOVE being homeschooled!

As I began this post, I asked Elayna to write down some of the girls’ reasons for loving homeschool.

I just grabbed my camera and listened to their sweet chatter…

1. Staying home.

Mommy’s thought: whew! they love being home!

2. Staying in pajamas.

Mommy’s thought: Yes! No big shopping expenses at the beginning of the school year!

3. Being with Mommy all day.

Mommy’s thought: *tear*

4. Plenty of Brakes

Mommy’s thought: I’m assuming she meant BREAKS not BRAKES here. That said, yes, we do get to take breaks when the girls get too fidgety. The girls can get drinks or go potty whenever they need to. Total bonus of being home.

Breaks for playing with a cheap piece of ribbon from a local garage sale?

5. No worries.

Mommy’s thought: I had to ask Elayna what she meant. She said, “You know… like bullies or kids teasing or worrying about what I’m wearing… things like that.” Yes, baby… no worries in this home.

6. Sleep In.

Mommy’s thought: Hallelujah!!! Life in the ministry is crazy busy and it means some really late nights at the church or other events. I love that I don’t have to rush out the door because the girls have to get to bed. Sleeping in happens a lot around here.

7. Daddy’s Adventures.

Mommy’s thought: I also love this about homeschooling. Anytime Daddy is heading off on an adventure, the girls are free to go with him. Always fun, always educational and always precious family times.

8. Plenty of field trips.

Mommy’s thought: Well, to these homeschool kiddos, everything seems like a field trip. Grocery shopping, library trips, post office runs… they go on them all and we try to learn something wherever we go.

9. Homeschool Friends.

Mommy’s thoughts: Yep, since we know so many homeschoolers, our girls have a great number of homeschool friends. Such a blessing.

10. Experiments

Mommy’s thought: To be honest, this is NOT one of my favorite aspects of homeschooling. I’d much rather read about it than do it. But, the girls do love when we break from the books and pull out something interesting or messy or creative. Hands-on learning at its best.

I’m thankful to be able to homeschool my girls because this time is precious. These years are fleeting.

I have plenty of time to parent ahead, keep Jesus in our day and know my girls well.

So if it makes these #goodwingirls happy, let’s keep going.

You can read a few more of my thoughts on homeschooling here. Click here for a full list of posts about homeschool with resources, tips and much more.

I’d love to know a reason why your kids love being homeschooled.

I’m sure there are many, many amazing reasons!


  1. My kids do go to school and other than seeing their school friends… They hate it! Kindergarten and second grade with NO homework and they hate school?!? We are researching homeschool right now and trying to decide if it would be better for our kids and if it is something we can handle doing. My boys both have severe ADHD (no meds though I refuse) and I have an exceptionally active 2 year old princess at home so even small tasks like feeding the dog can be a fiasco, I read with them at home but its difficult to keep their attention (unless it is DR Seuss or Bible stories go figure!) so I am a little apprehensive about pulling them from school not to mention the difference it would be for them to adjust to learning at home. We are trying not to rush into anything and may not even start this year. I loved this post because it is encouraging to see that kids love being homeschooled from their perspective! Thank you!!!

  2. Love your post. Even after finishing our homeschool years, it’s a relief to hear the reasons they like homeschooling. Now, they tell me why they would homeschool their own kids. whew!

    Kerry Beck (not really Stephen, but it still shows his name on our google acct)
    How to Homeschool My Child

  3. What a sweet heart post! It sounds like your girls also love being home….that they love their family, starting there to love first…and then branching out!

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