A Traveling Techy Family

When a family of five begins traveling for hours and hours every week, you learn a few things.

You learn that being a techy family of five can cause some problems.

Silly, goofy problems that literally made me giggle thinking about them while I was driving from Cleveland, Ohio to Grand Rapids, Michigan.

I really did giggle. To myself.

And think… only in the 21st century…

For example, a traveling techy family will never have enough charge cords or outlets.

Whether in the van or in the hotel room, there is never enough cords and plugs.

Another techy funny… when 3 girls are listening to music with headphones on, singing three different songs at the same time. Can we say hilarious?

A moment when mom and dad look at each other cringing and smiling at the “amazing” sounds coming from the backseat.

The smiles stop though when the techy mom and dad can’t decide who is going to drive because they each have games to play on their phones.

Now… that. is. a. problem.

My Words with Friends and Scramble peeps need me to play, right?

(Side note… Sheila… really… I did have ALL vowels!)

Someone may have posted a super, way incredible pic on Instagram that I need to see, right?

Way more important than some silly video game he wants to play, for sure.

And when you try to charge your GPS and your phone and your Zune and your kid’s ipod all at the same time.

Can we say “Cords going EVERYWHERE!”

Not to mention when you take your kids into a random city library to do some schoolwork and charge your electronics only to have the electronics beeping and ringing in the quiet kids’ area.

Or, when you are driving down the road and certain apps don’t work for the girls because they don’t have wifi.

A 21st century kids has a hard time understanding no wifi. As if it should be everywhere at all times.

Well… these techy parents think it should be everywhere at all times too.

And, last but not least, when you add “Is your ipod charging?” to your bedtime questions of “Did you brush your teeth?” and “Did you go to the bathroom before you got in bed?”

Yeah. A techy family on the go…

But, thankfully… we all sometimes put away the techy stuff and just have some good old family fun.



Any tips for this traveling techy family?


  1. I LOVE your family! It looks like so much fun to all be traveling together on this new adventure! May God protect you…and supply your needs.

    Love, Linda

  2. Interesting post (found on Twitter). We were not a techy homeschooling family; in fact the Internet didn’t come along until my older kids were teens. That said, my tip for you is to treasure these times with your lovely family, making memories that will last forever.

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