the newest Our Goodwin Journey member - Alexander Rush Goodwin

Alexander Rush Goodwin

Today, our puppy will make his Our Goodwin Journey debut!

Everyone… meet Alexander Rush Goodwin, the newest member of our family.


He is a German/Belgian Shepherd mix and as of now, 4 months old! {he was only 2 months in these pictures}

Such a cutie and a great puppy.


Oh, he loves to chew things and bite our skirts.

He is 100% “I want to eat it all” puppy sometimes but we sure love him!


This crew has been waiting for a puppy for a long, long time. Since we said goodbye to Dodge back in 2007, the girls have been asking for another dog.

And Zander, as we call him for short, is the perfect one.


Isn’t he cute?


A special thank you to RUSH church in Canfield, Ohio for helping us get this wonderful puppy.

He is becoming a fabulous guard dog and playful friend to our girls. Oh, and Jeremy too.

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