Set Apart and Being Different

There are times in our walk with Christ that we are called to be set apart.

Times when we are going to be different from those around us.

It isn’t going to be fun.

It isn’t going to be easy.

But, it is the right thing to do.

Times when we have to say, “No, I haven’t seen that show.” or “I’ve never heard of that singer.” or “Yeah, that isn’t something that our family participates in.”

I know if those are hard things for me to say or do, they are going to be hard things for my kids to say or do as well.

“But, Mommy, everyone around me is doing it!”

“All my friends watch that show.”

“They are allowed to do that!”

When my children speak those phrases, I have an opportunity to encourage them in the Lord. To push them to run the race with perseverance. To challenge them to walk close to the Lord no matter the cost. To remind them that Jesus himself said that we would face struggle for aligning ourselves with His name.

I have to set the example of “Hey, it’s ok to be different from the world. In fact, we SHOULD be different from the world. We are called to be set apart.”

Set Apart - Learning to Live and Be Different Each Day


Because when people see a difference in us, it gives us an opportunity to share the gospel.

When those around us see that we are different, they will want to know why. They will ask questions.

We will get to be a light for Jesus.

Set Apart

If we did everything like the people around us… listened to the same music, watched the same shows, celebrated the same holidays, talked the same way, lived the same way… we wouldn’t be different.

They wouldn’t know we were set apart.

They wouldn’t see a light.

Choosing to be different means being set apart enough for people to notice.

Choosing to be different says, “God you can use me in this way. I want to be set apart to serve you. I want to be a light in a dark world.”

I don’t want to live like the world around me.

I want to be holy, as You are Holy.

I’m not talking about perfection or walking around judging everyone.

Not that at all.

I’m talking about making a clear decision to learn the word, apply the word and obey the word.

Even if it is counter-culture. Even if it is harsh. Even if it is lonely.

There is strength, power and encouragement in God’s Word for Christians to live lives set apart for the Glory of God.

I want to raise my girls in a way that builds a foundation of strength for them to make godly decisions in an ungodly world.

I want their sensitivity to evil to be heightened. I want them to sense God’s presence and His blessing when they choose Him over sin. I want them to follow the Spirit’s leading, to be light in the dark, to be obedient even if they stand alone.

Are you willing to be different?

How do you raise your kids to be set apart?

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