When Chaos Does Not Win

When Chaos Does Not Win

Overcoming the chaos of life is sometimes overwhelming to think about.

You all feel it, don’t you?

So much chaos. All around us.

The whole world feels chaotic, scrambling here and there on every issue under the sun.

Words swirl through my mind with very little direction on any one issue because the issues and statements and news and stories and lines are constantly changing.

Truth feels illusive and hard to pin down.

Unsure who to talk to, who can handle a real and engaged conversation about what is happening in countries around the world. Trying to get a read on what your friends, family, co-workers feel before sharing thoughts or opinions so that unneeded strife doesn’t rip through what could be just a normal chat over every day things.

Add our faith to the mix. What should our stance be on what we see on the news? What should our response be to the wrongs happening in every single country of the world. What is the Biblical answer?

What does Jesus say and what would Jesus have us do?

Pinning down our positions with our faith at the forefront is confusing and crippling some days.

Navigating our convictions becomes even more difficult when there are people I love, people I respect, people who I know love God and know His word who stand on each point of the spectrum for each and every issue. Christians with a platform are all saying conflicting things on politics, moral issues, humanitarian guidelines and more. Pastors, teachers, authors, bloggers, co-workers… all with faith in God… have a million different opinions, ideas and approaches.

Even God’s Word, if we are honest, can be used, quoted and preached to hold whatever position we feel is right.

God built walls. He made borders. He kicked out one people in favor of another. He commanded law and order. Respect and obedience.

God wants us to love our neighbor. Pray for our enemies. Welcome the lost. Help the hurting. Love the unlovable. Fight the good fight.

It doesn’t take much of a google search to see Biblical backing being used for whoever is trying to make the loudest point that day.

Obviously, the problem does not lie with God’s Word but rather our use of it. God somehow blends law and grace, balance and order, in ways we have yet to understand or apply to our world.

So, what do you do in the midst of such chaos? How do you end the debate?

When Chaos Does Not Win

How do you end the debate, hold back the chaos and stem the confusion when news feeds are full of ugly banter, biased arguments, false headlines and bitter attacks.

The people I see each day don’t even know what to say because what they are seeing on the news is so awful.

Truly, chaos seems to be winning with all its hyper, hysterical noise.

Yet… in my conversations with God this week, as I was pouring out my frustration and heart break, I felt an excitement stirring. A joy and peace that only comes from the clarity of time in His presence.

Truths settled around me, truths that impact and guide through the chaos.

I must realize that I do not know what God is doing in our world at this very moment.

I must acknowledge that I do not know at what point we stand on the timeline of end times.

I must rest, poised and fully ready, for the moment that God makes his plan known to the Church.

I can’t help but trust that the God of the universe has not lost control. He is not out-dated or unable to help.

I know with everything in me that God is able, capable and the only source of rescue. He directs the hearts of kings and sets the course of every human step. He somehow commands it all with an abiding love, deep mercy and direct power.

I feel excitement rise in my soul at the thought of being on the brink of something so big, a revival so true that we are yet unprepared.

God is busy shaking things up, setting the world stage and inviting us to be a part of it if we will trust and obey.

When Chaos Does Not Win

History proves that chaos, war, persecution, struggle and devastation pushes the gospel out. These chaotic times cause Truth to move forward, in and through the pain to the hearts of those who have yet to hear or know.

Therein lies the excitement.

Not because of the chaos, but because God is at work. He is doing something in our world.

He can turn what looks like hyper hysterics into an amazing opportunity for His glorious Name to be made known. We, as children of light, are called to see through the smoke screen and declare His Name, pointing to Him only.

Chaos does not win. ever.

He holds the victor’s crown. He stands undefeated, unshakeable, and undeniably in control.

He sees the beginning from the end and we can only stand at attention to his call.

He is not worried, fearful or discouraged. He is the rock we run to every single time.

And we, like generations before us, are going to see him move in powerful ways, see his faithfulness at work and watch as nations come to him in praise for all he has done.

Do not despair or lose heart. He has overcome, he has overcome.

“While it looks like things are out of control, behind the scenes there is a God who hasn’t surrendered His authority.” -AW Tozer

Tozer quote

Also read: to end the debate – “But the overall big debate must slow. The flood of hot topics must fade. Or the flood of posts will over shine Jesus and we will point people to the flood rather than the hope on the other side of the storm.”



  1. If we are truly followers of Jesus, we must remind ourselves that in “all” circumstances He is All-Powerful, All-Knowing, All-Present, Never Changing and He has a perfect plan. I too consider, “Is the Lord’s arm too short?” (Numbers 11:23). We read that the multitudes and even Moses are found grumbling over direction and policy (Cf. Numbers 11:1-15). In our current times of grumbling, one must ask, “Are we a bridge to the Almighty or a road block to destruction?” I choose to refrain from grumbling and focus on kindly pointing the Way. Lastly, do we believe following Jesus is an individual call or a call for the collective? I would suggest, the call is for the individual. Musing Luke 9:23…. Thanks Jenilee 🙂

    1. I love that you referenced Luke 9:23 because that was what I was reading this morning for devotions! I love how you said “focus on kindly pointing the way”… prayerfully learning to walk that with you. I appreciate you taking the time to share your thoughts!

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