Creating A Biblical Worldview For Our Kids Through Real Life Situations

Creating a Biblical Worldview

Creating a Biblical Worldview for our kids is an important task.

You do family devotions each night.

You go to church on Sundays.

You attend youth group and listen to Christian music.

You’ve learned to parent ahead and make sure parenting happens at bedtime.

Is that enough?

Are you creating a Biblical Worldview that your kids can fall back on as they grow older and start to leave home?

Creating A Biblical Worldview For Our Kids Through Real Life Situations

Our oldest, Elayna, loves words… reading, learning and studying topics of all kinds from science to mermaids.

Her most recent project and interest is writing a magazine for Missionary Kids (MKs).

She wants to create something special just for MKs filled with articles written by MKs for MKs. Something that talks about what they are going through, what life is like for a traveling kid and things to help make the MK life a little easier and more fun. She is natural at networking and connecting people.

So on the beach the other day, Elayna and I were sitting in matching lounge chairs reading together.

She had an American Girl Magazine and her notebook.

I had a parenting book on prayer, my Bible and a notebook.

We were two peas in a pod enjoying the moment of relaxation from our normal busy, crazy schedule.

She had been asking me what kinds of things she could include in her magazine…


“Oh, maybe a travel tips section or articles about the countries you are going to. You could have quizzes or ask me pages too…”

We continued to talk back and forth, considering names of the different parts of the magazine and the friends she was talking to about writing the articles with her.

She got quiet and then asked, “Mom, when I was reading my American Girl magazine, there was this girl who wrote in because she was having trouble with her friend and she wanted some advice. The lady who answered her did ok but, well… it just didn’t sit well with me. The lady could have answered her better… I didn’t really agree with what she said. It made me feel weird. I want our magazine to answer kids the right way.”

I thought about her words for a second before jumping in on her comment.

“Well, what you were feeling was the Holy Spirit. He was helping you notice something that might not have lined up with God’s Word. When we are reading things that aren’t of God or listening to music or watching TV that doesn’t come from a Christian view point, it can sometimes feel funny because they aren’t answering or talking with God’s Word in mind. When we know what is right in God’s Word, we will notice when something is off His standard for our lives.”

We continued the conversation talking about a world view that matches God’s plan for our lives.

We talked about how mommy and daddy want her to know God’s Word so that she can view her whole life from that foundation.

Creating A Biblical Worldview For Our Kids Through Real Life Situations

I want her to know that right and wrong doesn’t come from mommy and daddy.

Right and wrong comes from God’s Word.

A Biblical Worldview

We live and act and breath with that in mind and we must hold everything we do, read, hear and say up to that standard.

When we give advice or take advice it should be with God in mind. His Word should be our focus. Right and wrong is decided on that dividing line.

With everything going on in our world, we need to be having these conversations daily with our kids. They need to know God’s plan, His purpose, His thoughts, His very heartbeat so that they can live in step with Him every day of their lives.

Take every opportunity, every conversation, every chance you are given to guide them in God’s Ways so they can be solid in their foundation of who He is to them and for them.

Teach, mold, shape by God’s Word. Discipline with His love. Correct with His laws. Allow Him to invade your everyday life in ways that help your kids see Him at work.

Talk about the Bible, talk about the things around you in ways that show His presence.

Let His Word be the guidepost for your family.

How do you teach Biblical Worldview to your kids?


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