A Gift Giving Guide for Travelers

Creative Gift Ideas for Travelers

You are looking for gift ideas for travelers.

You need a giving guide with fun things to choose from that would be a blessing to someone working overseas.

You want to buy a gift for a missionary family and you feel lost about what to send.

You have no idea what to get them.

You know you can donate but you want to do something to remind them you care.

I’ve compiled a list from what I’m seeing around the web this year.

{and this is NOT a request for gifts for US… this is just another missionary resource available on the blog to help YOU support YOUR missionaries in more practical, real ways!}

A Gift Giving Guide for Travelers


I want to first say prayer. I know, I know… not creative and kinda spiritual. But probably THE most important gift you can give them. Send them

Send them an email and tell them you are praying for them each day through the holidays.

Read this post with 5 Things you can pray.

Awesome. Now…

Creative Gift Ideas for Travelers – A Gift Giving Guide

1} Amazon Prime – Anyone living overseas has benefited from the ability to order things online and have them shipped to family or friends. Adding the wonderful perks of Amazon Prime to that equation is a fabulous gift for those working overseas.

2} Kindle Unlimited – A subscription to Kindle Unlimited is a HUGE gift for families overseas who do not have quick access to ebooks or books in English. I use this often and feel grateful for it each time I read a book for free or find something new for the girls without buying a book.

3} Gift Cards – You really can’t go wrong with a gift card. Music, movies, books… a gift card can sometimes give a missionary the freedom to buy something they wouldn’t otherwise get.

4} Christmas card – sending a simple letter with your Christmas card to their address overseas is a fun surprise and a big encouragement to families on the ground in another country. I promise. They cherish those cards!

5} Rory’s Story Cubes – if they are learning a language, this set will be a fantastic tool and a great help to their endeavors to learn words, vocabulary and build their story telling skills. Great gift! Really, any kind of conversation starter game can be helpful for language learning, teaching English, practicing conversation skills with others or just good family time!

6} This IT Megalite Suitcase – we have 2 of them and are consistently impressed with how they hold up, trip after trip, flight after flight. Amazing. Buy one and fill it with favorite snacks they might be missing! They seriously can not get that stuff overseas.

7} End of Year Giving – find out if there is a way to give to them personally rather than into their work budget. Many organizations have a “Christmas/Birthday” type fund set up for just that purpose. Tax-deductible for you but a direct gift to the missionary family.

8} Encourage them to journal with this One Line A Day: Five Year Journal

9} Go with something fun and techy that they would never buy for themselves.

10} Give the gift of family night – games and things to do without electricity, internet or even water. Light a candle and play a game. Most of us have been there and a new game to play is a great gift. Something like these StoryLine Games… the cards are small and easily mailed somewhere overseas.

11} Finally, you must read THIS post from A Life Overseas blog. I thought every single thing on their gift guide was spot on. Creative. Needed. Helpful. Thoughtful. Fabulous job, Amy!

Creative Gift Ideas for Travelers - A Gift Giving Guide

Ok… A few last tips.

Check out this package sending guide before you decide to mail something to them on the field. The best thing to do is to send them an email and ask some good questions about what/when/where depending on their lives this year.

Don’t forget missionaries who have been on the field for a long time. Sometimes they get lost in the “newbies get packages all the time” shuffle. Surprise them. Remember them. Ask your pastor for the name of someone who has been on the support list for a long time and see about blessing them this year.

Don’t forget your pastors. Seriously… this giving guide can be for them too.

I’ll post this one more time {this is NOT a request for gifts for our family… this is just another missionary resource available on the blog to help YOU support YOUR missionaries or friends living overseas in more practical, real ways!}

What would be on your overseas wish list? What are your creative gift ideas for travelers you could give a family living overseas?






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