Daily Marriage Challenge Part 2

Hopefully by now you have read the Daily Marriage Challenge.

And not just read it but practiced it… even for a few days…

Saying encouraging words about your spouse is so important. Saying it TO them is priceless.

But I have another challenge for you…

Marriage Challenge - A Daily Marriage Challenge Part 2


The last challenge involved YOU speaking… or writing or texting or however you chose to share your word of encouragement to your spouse.

Today’s challenge might be a little bit harder.

There are no words.

The challenge is to listen.

Make eye contact.

Quiet your mind from the to do list and the dinner prep and the calendar for tomorrow.

Stop keeping a tally in your head of what you need to do next.

Let go of the chaos and noise and crazy kid happenings around you.

Put down your phone or your book or your new magazine from the grocery store. Stop sorting the bills and piling the mail.

Don’t give in to the temptation of planning your next story or your next argument or your next opinion about whatever your spouse is trying to tell you.

Just listen.

Marriage Challenge - A Daily Marriage Challenge Part 2

If your hubby is like mine, he isn’t much of a talker. Jeremy doesn’t say much so if he is speaking, it is usually something he really wants me to know or he really wants to discuss.

Maybe your husband talks all the time and you sometimes tune him out with all the other noise in the house.

Either way, make a point at some time during the day to listen.

Hear him.

See him.

Give him the simple gift of your complete attention.

And that is your new daily challenge!

Keep up both challenges at the same time and see what happens!

I have a feeling you just might get a nice kiss at the end of the day and I can guarantee your husband will feel valued and loved.

Come back and let us know how it goes!

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