Marriage Challenge - A Daily Marriage Challenge Part 1

Daily Marriage Challenge

Here it is. A daily marriage challenge!

One super quick, super easy, super fun way to impact your marriage today.


Pick one word to describe something about your spouse in this moment, this season and tell them that word.

Daily Marriage Challenge - a simple way to impact your marriage!

Do the same thing tomorrow with another word.

and the next day.

and the next day after that.

Every single day… choose one new word and tell your spouse.

“You are fantastic.”

“You are magnanimous.”

“You are Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious.”

“You are loved.”

“You are special.”

“You are gorgeous.”

“You are patient.”

You get the idea.

And you can have fun with coming up with new words, funny words, silly words.

You can have fun with how you tell them… in a note, on the bathroom mirror, in their lunch, using a code, a text message.

Any time of day.

Every day.

Tell them one nice, great, amazing thing.

Even if it is a bad day.

Even if they annoy you.

Even if they have upset you.

What is ONE THING you still love about them today.

A very simple marriage challenge.

A very deep way to see the good and speak words of life into your marriage.

A little tip: Don’t tell your spouse.

Just start doing it. Take the challenge and find a creative word and a creative method of sharing that word with your spouse.


For more tips: see the Daily Marriage Challenge Part 2!

and… for more resources… click Keeping Marriage Hot in the Busy Times! and 3 Things You Should Stop and Do Right NOW



  1. I think this is such a great idea. The smallest signs of appreciation go a long way. Starting small like this is a great way to encourage positive affirmation on a regular basis! It works especially well for those of us who feel loved by words (words of affirmation)!

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