Easy Fundraising Ideas - getting kids involved in missions giving

Easy FundRaising Ideas for Kids

There are so many fun, easy fundraising ideas.

Easy fundraising ideas that are creative and fun for kids!

Elayna, our daughter, has been wanting to raise money for missions, specifically BGMC.

Jeremy and I both feel it is incredibly important that kids, from a very young age, begin to learn good giving principles. It is vital that young children develop a heart to give and a heart for missions.

We strongly believe that kids can be and ARE a big part of fulfilling the Great Commission!

It is important that they know little things matter.

We have been asking the kids at church to find creative ways to earn money to help kids around the world learn about Jesus. And we definitely wanted our girls to be involved in their own fundraising and giving to missions.

So, my girls got creative and cleaned Grandma’s bathroom!

Aren’t they working hard?

Easy Fundraising Ideas - getting kids involved in missions giving

Abby is only three years old but she is scrubbing away so kids can hear about Jesus around the world through HER giving to missions. What a valuable life lesson!

Easy Fund Raising Ideas for Kids

They each had to have their own “spraying thing” so they could clean.

Easy Fund Raising Ideas for Kids


That hat was ALL Grandma.

The girls worked hard and will remember working together to raise their own giving money.

Precious teaching moments! Don’t miss them!

Easy Fundraising Ideas

Easy Fund Raising Ideas for Kids

As a family with a heart for missions, this was a fabulous way to get our girls involved and help them earn their own giving money.

Having a garage sale

Doing a lemonade stand

Selling their art

Getting their kids church mobilized for a dinner or bake sale

A few years ago, I did a series on the blog called Heart for the World. It is a 5 part series from 5 different authors with ways that your family get be involved in missions together.

It is a series to help you, as parents, give your kids a heart for the world and a heart for missions.

{my girls in a taxi in West Africa in 2016, now living as full time missionaries}

Easy Fundraising Ideas - getting kids involved in missions giving

Whether from the missionary family’s point of view or some Lazy Mom Tips for giving to missions, the series will help you get creative in your family missions giving!

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A book for teaching your kids about the best ways to give, try When Helping Hurts. This builds a sound foundation for giving as they grow older.

How to you get your family involved in missions?

What are some easy fundraising ideas that your kids can do?


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