First Moments

First Moments

“Jeremy! The doorbell is ringing again!” I yelled from the kitchen.

We had only been in Africa a few days and it seemed as if the kids in the neighborhood just KNEW someone fun had moved in.

Our doorbell was ringing off the hook.

Mostly boys. Wanting water. and bikes. and candy. toys. food. more candy.

So this particular day, they were holding broken, flat balls. They were telling Jeremy they needed him to give them new balls because theirs were broken.

So, my ingenious husband told these boys, “I can fix them.”

Big eyes stared back at him.

“Yep, I can fix them.”

So he told them, “une moment” and took their broken balls into the house.

Then he started pumping them up!
First Moments

And brought the balls back outside to the boys…

First Moments

They were back the next day with more broken balls for Jeremy to fix.

Then, Jeremy ate a grasshopper for some boys one night out on a walk… and the next day we had more boys wanting to meet the “white man who ate a grasshopper”.

It has just begun.

Great first moments in Africa…

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