Homeschool Websites - Free Resources for Homeschooling Families

Free Homeschool Websites and Resources for Families

For homeschool websites and resources, there is much to be found online.

And found for FREE.

For the busy family, the family homeschooling simply, the family wanting online options, using free websites and resources is a great way to teach your kids at home.

Homeschool Websites - Free Resources for Homeschooling Families

1} National Center for Families Learning – you’ll find a ton of resources here!

2} Wonderopolis – My girls are in LOVE with this website! A free wonder of the day presented in a fun way. They can even get it via email each day!

3} A Day at Dollar General – with this free for download PDF guide, you can teach your kids all about shopping, budgeting, money and other helpful daily skills

As a family that sees the true importance of teaching kids to budget, I love what Dollar General and the National Center for Families Learning are doing with this free program!

4} TrueSport – this is a program that teaches life lessons from sports principles. I LOVE this website. It is full of resources you need to teach your kids about sportsmanship, health, friendship, helping and more.

Completely FREE downloadable resources (or request hard copies) that you can use in any home, outdoor activity or classroom situation to teach kids valuable lessons. Lessons about teamwork, health, sportsmanship and more… They also have fun activity books for all age groups!

The website is full of great ideas, helpful tools and real resources. Something like this nutrition guide to help our kids know what to eat, how to eat, how much to eat and what is involved in good nutrition.

5} Easy-Peasy All-in-One Homeschool – This is an incredibly large, amazingly put together, fabulously awesome homeschool curriculum and resource available completely ONLINE. You’ll be in awe of this family-friendly homeschooling website.

6} Youtube – NEVER forget the free resource of YouTube! For how-to’s, lessons, helps, and anything else you can think of for any topic under the sun.

7} The Free Homeschool List – Look for what you are searching for and you’ll probably find it on this free list.

There are hundreds more. But this simple list will get you started.

We are all about simple around here. Busy families need quick resources rather than giant lists!

Let us know what free homeschool websites you love!





  1. We are beyond thrilled to be featured in your blog, Jennilee! Thank you for spreading the Wonder and encouraging the use of imagination– regardless of age! We hope you have a WONDERful day! 🙂


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