10 Funny Videos to Help Explain Missionary Life

10 Funny Videos to Help Explain Missionary Life

Are you ready to laugh and see some funny videos to help explain missionary life and overseas life?

You know when you see something funny and it really strikes you as true for some circumstance in your life?

That’s how this list came to be.

You see the video clip and you laugh and laugh and laugh because it really, really explains some vague aspect of something you are experiencing.

You see it and you must share it with someone.

Someone who gets it. Someone who might see it and laugh right along with you.

Someone who might need the stress relief of a good laugh.

Or even, share it with someone who might not know and this is a fun way to explain a part of your life that is otherwise unexplainable.

I put together this list of fun videos Life that I hope will spark that laugh for you.


10 Funny Videos to Help Explain Missionary Life


1} The Mouse – While we were raising support for the very first time, this commercial made me laugh. AND laugh. and laugh. It is exactly how it feels to try and raise a large missions budget. That poor mouse.



2} The Bump on the HeadThe paperwork {read that}, the files, the constant applications, VISAs, passports, stamps, stickers, approvals… if often feels like this video on repeat. {Yes, that is my middle and my youngest. No, she was not at all hurt and literally grabbed her blanket and tried again.}



3} The Many Sides of Us – These Nationwide commercials fit that perfectly. We do need insurance for the many sides of us that live in many different places, time zones and realities. Living in two places at once surely does create many sides. Living in a new culture creates new hats to wear. Trying to learn a new language, adapt to a new way of life, and blend in to the things around you means having a few different sides to our lives.



Go watch the mouse again. One word. Culture Shock. Like living the mouse thing all over again. And preparing for furlough. Yep.


4} The Missionary Mom – Every Day.


5} The Social Media Lady – I LOVE this commercial. Throw in how we must communicate, communicate, communicate and how hard it is to really handle a life on social media while being a missionary. And helping others communicate with us.



6} The Millennial Video – how it feels to make a new video for missions communication purposes. Over and over and over again.



7} The Bad Lip Reading – Yep. This. Every single day. Feeling like every conversation is this muddy, this funny, this outrageous because you could talk to someone in 3 different languages all in the same conversation and you speak NONE of them well!



When it feels like every other missionary can speak every single language perfectly and you can’t grasp even one of them. {not true but the feeling is real}… Check out this girl.

8} The Rhino Lady – The contrasts between what we think we do, what others think we do, what we can write home about, what we can’t fully explain, what the real story is and what actually happens on a day to day basis. The whales and the rhinos are pretty realistic. And others days… not so much. Such is missionary life.



9} The Time Machine – With all the travel, moving, changing, and going from place to place with sometimes years in between visits, our lives can very much feel like this time machine moment. People and things change so much.



10} The Dog Cam – well, if you have a dog on the field. You might get this one.



I hope you’ve laughed, smiled, empathized and enjoyed a some fun videos to help explain missionary life, expat life and overseas life.

It is pretty crazy, y’all.

And I’ll leave us with this.



Which one was your favorite?










  1. This is awesome! My family and I are first term missionaries getting ready for our first furlough and a change in ministries…this was just the laughter that I needed today! All were good but the social media one and the Kia one amazing!

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