Global Missions - 10 Things Missionary Families Want You To Know

10 Things Overseas Families Want You To Know

So far in our Global Missions Heart for the World series, we’ve had some pretty incredible guest posts that have given you lots of resources and tips for teaching your kids to have a heart for the world.

Today, I want to give you a different way to look at work around the world.

A post about teaching kids from the overseas family’s point of view.

Here are some ways to help you teach your kids to have a heart for the world around them.

Global Missions - 10 Things Missionary Families Want You To Know

1. The people in the pictures are REAL people. People with families and feelings and struggles and needs and joys and hobbies and so much more. We are real people with real lives.

2. You are praying for REAL needs. More than just the “normal” prayer requests, we need our support team to pray for our families at home. To pray for our health. for our personal encouragement. for our homes and our encouragement and our electric to stay on and our water to be clean and… normal every day things. Think outside the box and pray for us as you would another very REAL person in your life.

3. Overseas workers don’t feel like the heroes they are portrayed to be in books and movies and churches. They feel like ordinary people doing what God has called them to do just like you are doing in your home town.

4. They do heroic things around the world but only with God’s strength. Workers overseas daily depend on God for wisdom and strength and help. God provides the ability to all things in global missions and we strive to live in that every day.

5. These families really do need you to support them. Prayer, finances, smiles, notes… every single effort from the body of Christ helps them do their jobs better. Knowing that the family of God is working together at home and abroad helps them feel like they are a part of the team even when they are way out in remote places working all alone.

6. Overseas families get lonely. It is a hard job to move to another country, leave your family, start fresh in a new culture, sell everything, travel to far away places, learn a new language and adjust your family to life on distant shores. Being fully surrounded by new things can be very overwhelming and extremely lonely.

7. They do love to travel and they have some of the coolest, most exciting experiences. Even in the face of difficulty, working overseas is seriously one of the most fun, most entertaining, most exhilarating job on earth.

8. Work in overseas global missions is expensive. Putting a family in a remote place to reach the unreached is very, very expensive. Keeping a family healthy mentally, physically, spiritually, and relationally while living in that remote place takes high levels of financial support. But, having a family withstand it all and remain in that place is one of the most beneficial things an organization can do. The funds are worth it. God will provide it. Finances can’t stop us from going and remaining no matter the cost.

9. Third Culture kids need your help when they come home. Want to bless an overseas family? Be a good friend while they are gone and be an even better friend when they come home. For some TCKs, returning home after 4 years away is even harder than going overseas. Help them adjust. Be there friend. Talk to them. Let them talk about living overseas. Share your experiences and let them share their experiences. Don’t think they are weird because they are different. See the value in having a friend with such a big world view and such a big understanding of other people, cultures, religions, languages and places.

10. Overseas Families are valuable. In a world that has a fund for everything and a support raising organization for all kinds of projects around the world. (All that are VERY good!) Don’t forget that having a living, breathing, full-time family on the ground is a very valuable thing for the spreading of the gospel all around the world. They don’t go out of date. They aren’t old-fashioned. They are a valuable, needed, necessary part of the ultimate goal to have the whole world hear.

Do you or your children have a question for us? Feel free to email or leave it in the comments!

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  1. Thanks, this is helpful. I pray the Lord continues to strengthen, help and guide you! So blessed by your posts!
    Love the part about reaching out when Missionaries are back in the States!

  2. I went back and re-read this after reading your blog on the girls feeling homeless. I’m going to use this at our next Missions Committee meeting. I have tried hard to get our committee members to take ownership of the portfolio they have been assigned and maintain regular contact with their missionaries – build a relationship – send an email – doesn’t have to be great literature – just a simple, “How are you? We’re praying for you! God Bless”.

    It’s so easy for people to forget that Missionaries deal with the same struggles any other Christian struggles with. But, sorry to tell you – missionaries are always going to be heroes at Highway Tabernacle!

  3. Such a hearty Amen! Especially the part about how to treat MK’s when they come home. This is a wonderful series. Thanks for sharing!

    Hilary at Wholesome Reads

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