Living on the Edge of Eternity - Knowing that I'm Not Home Yet

Not Home Yet

Living on the edge of eternity, knowing that I’m not home yet has become incredibly clear in the past few years.

“Can I heat up some coffee?” asked a friend recently visiting our apartment.


“Wait… I don’t have a microwave… uhm, here’s a pan.” I poured her coffee into a pan and we heated it up. Then, we poured it back in her mug.

I don’t have a microwave. No heating something up quick, no popcorn, no butter melt button. The list goes on.

Honestly, not having a microwave is NO BIG DEAL! We are super busy anyway, food packaging is small in most countries overseas so we rarely have leftovers and we can live without popcorn.

But I thought the other night about how I wished I brought our popcorn maker that a sweet friend sent us. Sadly, it had to stay at home.

And I need it now.

The truth is that I do not need my popcorn maker or a microwave.

I don’t “need” any of the other things I think we “need”.

Partly because living on the edge of eternity simply has its own joys. Partly because I don’t have to clean or store or keep up any extra appliances. Partly because anything we buy has to be moved to the next place, the next country, the next storage unit.

And I don’t want to have to deal with a bunch of stuff every single time we transition. I want to pack up our bins, buy a few things we will really, truly NEED for the next adventure and be on our way!

No fuss or issues with unnecessary stuff.

But to keep that attitude is a daily discipline. Especially when a moment arises that I DO need something that I don’t have. When I want to use something I am used to having in the states and I don’t have it here.

Be it a microwave or a big Christmas tree or my ornaments or fall decorations or pictures for the walls or a popcorn maker for movie night… I don’t need any of it for our family to be settled, be happy, or make memories.

Living on the Edge of Eternity - Knowing that I'm Not Home Yet

Last night, I was thinking about how this isn’t home.

Our lives are meant for leaving home and being about His business.

And the only thing that ran through my mind was this song.

The words, “All I know is I’m not home yet, This is not where I belong, Take this world and give me Jesus, This is not where I belong”

It is a theme that God is speaking to me, reminding me that this, this life, this earth, this moment is NOT home.

We are living on the edge of eternity. Every day.

“Many treasures, loved and cherished – only let Him stay. Other joys no more may bless me; other friends may leave my side; Only let me hold His friendship; only let Him still abide. Let the chill mists fall about me; let the lights of earth grow dim; Leave me Jesus, only Jesus; I am satisfied with Him.” – Unknown

This quote molds perfectly to another part of the song above.

“When the earth shakes I wanna be found in You, When the lights fade I wanna be found in You.”

In the little lessons of not having a stocked kitchen full of great, awesome appliances.

In the big, heart breaking moments of missing family.

I want to be found in Him. I want to say when the mist falls and the lights fade, “Leave me Jesus. I am satisfied with Him.”

When my earth shakes, I want Him standing with me. Not a microwave or popcorn maker. I want Him.

Because this life isn’t home. We aren’t meant to be fully comfortable here. We are made for another time, another place.

We are living on the edge of eternity. Every single day.

Living on the Edge of Eternity - Knowing that I'm Not Home Yet

And as the news worsens around us and this world continues to crumble, we don’t have the time to wish for things.

We only have the energy left to share the love of God, to be a light and to be about His business.

Knowing that He is all we need. He is all the world needs. He is the answer. The reason. The only hope and joy to be found comes through Him.

We aren’t home yet.

This isn’t home.

No place on earth is truly our home.

Just Jesus.

Let me be satisfied fully with Him. He is our invisible foundation and the rock we stand on until we stand with Him.

What a challenge for us all to live on the edge of eternity. I’m not home. You aren’t home. Our home is in heaven and with each passing day, heaven comes closer for me and for you.

Are you satisfied with Him? If you lost your microwave and your home and your job and your everything, can you say you are satisfied with Jesus?

Are we living on the edge of eternity?



  1. I just wrote a very similar post about our return to the States to finish our fundraising. Everywhere we go we have to leave someone behind and we miss them so much, and really the only joy we have is to look forward to when we all get to finally be together in Heaven. I am praying for you all because we are six months into this adventure, and it is still a daily challenge to know we don’t NEED that microwave (and maybe soon I will just buckle down and learn how to make popcorn on the stove), or a TV, or counters, or all the other things that we have lived without for six months but would be really nice. And in language learning and living it can be so hard to remember the reason, to have more people with us in Heaven when we get there. So God bless you in your days, and nights, and all those moments when it is so hard. We are here with you, even though we are in a different country. We love you even though we have never met you. We pray for you always. God be with you!

    1. I just read your blog post… thanks for your sweet comment on our blog. yes, we’ve had similar moments with our girls about “home”. Sometimes our apartment here is home… many times, they long for our “other home”. tears in my eyes reading this. I’m praying for you as you are back in the states, that it will be a restful, wonderful time and that God will meet every need. God Bless!!

  2. Yes…”Home is wear your heart is!” And it is so true we NEED Jesus more than anything or anyone! Love to you and your precious family. I am loving all of your pictures…and hearing about all of the things you are learning along your journey!

  3. This is a beautiful reminder for us ALL! Thank u for sharing your heart! I was told the other day on FB I was a blessing to a young girl in Evan’s grade, we give her rides home from school and we laugh…. she said I’m like a second mom….a best friend, she sees my posts about Jesus, etc. It blessed me immensely because I feel I’m just being me, who God called me to be. If he wants me to love on these kids who have “rough” homes, I will!! It is a BLESSING doing His will even when we barely know it!! NOW is the time to ne about our King’s business…. now more than ever! We LOVE your posts, pictures, encouraging when we feel things “get hard.” May our God bless you all richly!! We will see u in His Kingdom one day!!

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