Flexible Homeschooling for the Busy Family - Is it Possible?

Flexible Homeschooling for the Busy Family

You might be wondering if flexible homeschooling is possible?

Is flexible homeschooling doable for busy families?

Yesterday, we covered my first tip in homeschooling for the busy family: Starting school early in the year

Today, we are going to cover another important part of being able to homeschool while being a busy family.

Make the most of EVERY DAY!

Honestly, this might be the most important one!

Every. single. day is an opportunity for learning.

Every day can be done well and still be flexible.

But… that learning will look different than other homeschool experiences.

Every. single. day is going to be different when you are busy.

Flexible homeschooling means going with the flow, being purposeful about learning and making sure each day counts.

Flexible Homeschooling for Busy Families

A traditional schedule doesn’t always work.

In fact, every year I build this amazing daily schedule for us to follow and there might be one day a week we get to actually follow it.

The rest of the days we must learn and “do school” when it fits into the schedule.

Sometimes that means sleeping in and doing school later in the day, even in the evening.

Sometimes that means getting up early so we can get it done before heading out for an appointment.

Sometimes that means schooling on Saturdays or Sunday afternoons.

Sometimes flexible homeschooling takes extra creativity and even some planning!

Most of the time, it means taking each day and building it around the busyness of life.

Some days we cover a lot of our curriculum, some days we don’t.

Some days we get work book pages done, some days we don’t.

Flexible Homeschooling for Busy Families

I have a blank, cheap teacher notebook from the Dollar Store and every day I write in what we accomplish that day.

If I made lesson plans at the beginning of the week, we would always be behind in something or ahead in something else.

Writing it down as we get it done shows me our REAL progress.

And, it allows me the freedom to school in the way we need to for that day.

I love the flexibility and freedom of schooling this way!

For a busy family or for a busy season, it is that flexible homeschooling and daily freedom that will keep you from going crazy and feeling the pressure of some other homeschooling family’s schedule.

When you are busy, make the most of today and learn as much as you can.

That will be a successful day!

Coming up tomorrow in the 5 days series?

Make the most of every outing!



  1. These kinds of posts are so important for me…I need people to keep reminding me it is OK if not everything gets done every day. THANK YOU!

  2. I love the idea of recording what you DID for the day rather than lesson planning! I have failed miserably at ever sticking with a lesson plan, no matter how elaborate or simple. But looking for what treasure you discovered that day sounds like fun! 🙂

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