Field Trip Ideas for the Busy Homeschool Family - Keep it simple!

Simple Field Trip Ideas for the Busy Homeschool Family

Field trip ideas? Simple field trips?

But we are a busy family! Who has time for that, right?

Maybe not right.

You just might have time and be able to incorporate some fun, simple field trip ideas into you busy homeschool life.

Already in this Homeschooling for the Busy Family series we have covered:

Start early in the year


Make the most of EVERY day!

Today, we will talk about making the most of every outing.

Field Trip Ideas for the Busy Homeschool Family - Keep it simple!

How is this different from yesterday?

Well, yesterday was more about how we fit in our school at home during busy days.

This topic digs a little deeper into making the most of every day by encouraging you to make the most of every outing, to make the most of every time you step outside the door of your house.

Every trip to the post office, the bank, the grocery store, the church, the mall, the thrift store, a friend’s house… every single trip is a learning opportunity.

Every single trip is filled with simple field trip ideas!

Talk about money. Talk about time. Talk about history. Talk about lawn care. Talk about safety. Talk about giving.


On the way to the post office, talk about the pony express and how delivering mail has changed over the years in our country.

On the way to the church, talk about directions: north and south, left and right, landmarks and so on.

On the way to the store, talk about budgeting.

If they seem particularly interested in a certain topic, stop at the library and get a book about that subject!

Busy days, full of errands, are perfect opportunities to build communication skills, find things your kids are interested in and allow them to learn about their big world.

And, not just errands, but every trip to the park, every camping trip, every bike ride, every hiking adventure is a time for learning.

We were recently at a park and there was a policeman parked by where we were walking. We stopped and looked at the car, talked about how they are there to help us and discussed things that a policeman does on his job. A completely spontaneous safety lesson.

A simple way to build field trip ideas into your day.

Another great tool we use as a busy family is our van’s CD player! Books on tape, scripture songs, Adventures in Odyssey… so many great learning experiences can happen while your kids are being entertained by a CD during a long car ride.

It is by making the most of every. single. outing that I can homeschool while being busy.

Homeschool doesn’t stop at our front door. We are homeschooling every minute of the day.

What are some of your simple field trip ideas for the busy family?

Coming up next in this 5 days series?

Homeschooling on the go!


  1. I am really enjoying this series. It’s nice to get inspiration that you can apply to your homeschooling life!

    We talk about all kinds of stuff, all over the place…heehee. My kids don’t realize they are constantly learning because this is how we’ve always done it! I love mining the learning moments in each day. 🙂

  2. Wow, you are better than I am–when I am busy and running in different directions, I sing along to the radio on the way! I can’t think about anything else!

  3. I’ve really enjoyed the last few days of this series! We seem to do school in a similar manner, and I was thinking that we were the only ones that did! So glad to see that I’m not alone 🙂

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