How to become a writer in just a few easy steps

Why You Should Know How to Become a Writer

You’re wondering how to become a writer.

Or, you feel like everyone is talking about becoming a writer.

You have heard people talk about sharing your story, writing a book, starting a blog, and becoming a writer.

You’re asking yourself, “How on earth do I do that? Do I even want to do that?”

I’m often asking myself that question too.

Even after 12 years of writing and blogging and sharing, I still wonder why or ask how to become a writer.

A good writer. A writer that courageously shares real stories, real faith and real help to anyone on this journey of missions, travel, family, faith, marriage, homeschooling, parenting or overseas life.

I want to write with purpose in a way that resources and encourages anyone who is reading.

Thankfully, in a world full of ways to express yourself through writing whether in a short phrase like twitter or long form on a blog, anyone really can be a writer.

In fact, I just claimed my author page on goodreads. If you’re there, come follow and say hello!

Between my blog, Grit & Virtue, Velvet Ashes and others, I’ve dipped my toes a bit in the writing world and have found such a community of friends, a bounty of encouragement and a whole new way of connecting with those around me.

Writing is an amazing thing.

Yet, in all of this, I still wonder. How does this writing thing happen? Can we become writers of our stories in a way that impacts someone else? How can we let God use our words in positive, helpful, good ways?

Can I keep my writing from adding to the chaos or continuing the debates flying around us via the web?

How can we be good stewards of the story God is writing in our lives? Is it possible to offer up every single page of the story for His glory?

How to become a writer in just a few easy steps

In whatever platform, whatever network, whatever place you find yourself, just start.

Start writing.

Keep learning.

Push back against the fear.

Pray about every word.

and just start writing.

Now, believe me. There is a lot more to it than that.

You can join a community like hope*writers.

Learn from a guru like Jeni at Biz Mavens.

Get help from the best with Gretchen Louise.

Up your word game with Sticky Blogging.

Study for the tightrope of social media.

Make those missions newsletters amazing.

All of those things are a huge part of writing your story. They’re valuable and necessary to write successfully and with excellence.

Truly, I don’t want to minimize the work, the time and the tears that will be poured into becoming a writer. Tears will be shed. I promise.

So along with the links above, my first advice when asked about becoming a writer is to just start writing.

Find a quiet place, a notebook or your laptop, and just start writing.

How to become a writer in just a few easy steps

Let the words come as you process the pages of your story.

Let Jesus use those words, the process, and the pages to encourage, uplift, help, and challenge someone else.

Even after years of writing, I have to remind myself of to write, to be brave, and to share.

Just recently, I was browsing through facebook and saw a question about moving overseas come up in a group that I’m apart of. With my heart pounding, I shared a link to my blog post as an answer to her question. I had to push through the fear and put myself out there one more time.

Her response? “You’re my new BFF! Thank you for this!! Super helpful and exactly what we need!! Thanks for sharing!”

Friends, someone needs you to push through the fear of hitting publish, of sharing a link, of writing your story.

Someone is looking for a “new BFF” to help them in their current season.

That new BFF could be you. or me. All of us allowing God to use our stories to help someone else.

Lilias Trotter once said, “You can never tell to what untold glories any little humble path may lead if you follow far enough.”

I can’t tell you where this little humble path of writing may take you. I can’t yet say where it will take me.

How to become a writer in just a few easy steps

But the process of becoming a writer starts with getting out a pen and letting the words free to encourage, help and resource someone else on the same journey.

Where are you in the process of writing your story?

What challenges are you facing?

Will you decide to just start writing?


  1. I need to print this post and keep it near my laptop. I have the “just start writing” part down, but I can’t seem to get the “share with others” part figured out. It is partly bravery, but I also feel like it is trying to figure out the right platform. I have started several
    Blogs and never stuck with them to the point of actually getting readers. I don’t know how to get over that hump of having a blog, but no readers. Any advice?

    1. For me, having readers or sharing isn’t the goal. It’s writing and processing and putting words to all the feelings and emotions I’m going through. Giving space for untangling all that’s happening in this season of life. Whether on a blog or on instagram or in a facebook group, finding an outlet to write out the journey. Another post that might help…

      Let me know what you think!

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