Feeling Mad at Your Spouse

Oh yes. Some marriage advice for the daily emotions of married life.

You know the days. The big emotion days.

Been there?

That cute, adorable, lovable hubby of mine can make me SO mad.

And you know what?

I can make him mad too!

We can be flirty and happy and in love and then so mad and frustrated within minutes.

Something is lost. A key is forgotten. A phone is broken. An appointment is missed. Feelings hurt. Consideration for your spouse left behind somewhere.

It happens to us all.

And we can be so mad.

One of the funniest sides of marriage, and yes I meant to say funny, is how mad and how in love we can be all in one day!

When you are mad at your spouse

I read a quote recently from Katharine Hepburn. She said, “Marriage is a series of desperate arguments people feel passionately about.

That is some true marriage advice. TRUE.

We really do feel incredibly passionate about pretty much everything when we are married.

Not mowing the lawn can be a spark that sets off a huge fire.

Bringing home flowers can create a beautiful lovey, dovey date night.

Each “desperate” argument is vitally important in the moment. Each simple act of love strengthens the bond between us.

We feel strongly. We speak strongly. We desperately work to get our point across.


We love each other!

Marriage Advice - The Daily Emotions of Married Life

I want to be on the same page as Jeremy. I want him to hear me. To see me. To feel what I’m feeling.

He wants me to see and hear and feel as he is seeing and hearing and feeling.

We passionately, desperately want to be one in every way.

Part of marriage is the constant give and take, the push and pull, the up and down, the back and forth of “I’m so mad!” and “I love him so much!”

That is how we work it out. How we see things through. Passionately living our lives in a way that forces us to grow, to mature, to learn, to dig deeper in our marriage than we ever would if things were perfect all the time.

The moments of love and the moments of frustration… blend in a way that builds something miraculous in our marriage.

Marriage has taught me so much and {always after the fact, of course} makes me love Jeremy even more.

Marriage is fragile yet it has this enduring strength that can withstand the passionate pressure daily applied to each spouse.

Marriage needs both aspects. God made marriage to be this way.

The full circle of the process.

From frustration to anger to working it out to loving again. The circle is ongoing… the process forever.

Each piece of the puzzle forces us to put our feelings into words, to listen more closely, to love more deeply, to find ways to show love in new ways, to offer grace and forgiveness. Each part develops marital character and honor and respect that will last a lifetime.

If we let it. If we keep smiling, get joy and choose laughter. No matter where we are in the process.

Jeremy can make me so very mad and so very in love at the same time.

He is perfect for joy and perfect for driving me crazy!

And so am I to him!

Now, let’s build something amazing with everything we learn in every circumstance we face. With love and laughter and joy. Marriage advice to hang on to.

Does your spouse bring out the “I’m so mad!” and “I’m so in love!” feelings?

How do you let both parts of the marriage circle grow you and make you into the couple God wants you to be for Him?

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  1. Oh I love this!! I also think it’s really important for our children to see that we don’t always get along. As well as see how we fix it.

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