Have you been with Jesus lately?

Have You Been With Jesus Lately

This question is not just about did you go to church.

This question asks, “Have you been with Jesus lately?”

Meditated on His Word?

Spent time in His presence?

More than a quick devotion.

More than a passing prayer.

Do you just go to church and say you’ve met with Him?

Or, did you spend true dedicated time in His presence.

Have you been with Jesus lately? Have you knelt at the altar? Surrounded yourself with Him?

Why am I asking? Why does it matter if you go to church?

Because when you spend time with Jesus, truly crawl in close to Him and bow your will to His, it will show up on the outside.

It will show in your life.

And scripture tells us, it will show clearly on your face.

People will see His presence on you.

Being in His presence changes us. It marks us. It shines through us. It becomes a part of us.

And it can’t help but spill over to those around us.

Have you been with Jesus lately?

Abiding in Him, spending time daily with Him, choosing to hide in His shadow is the best, most effective way of spreading the gospel.

When we learn something new in the Word or when God speaks to us or when a prayer is answered or a burden is lifted or when we reach a new place in His presence, we must share it. It pours from our mouth, sharing what God has done with others.

The world NEEDS us to spend time with Jesus, needs us to go to church, letting it show on our faces clearly so that they can see Him in us.

We should walk out of church on Sundays just glowing for having been with Jesus.

We should leave our home each morning shining bright and ready to speak of what God has done.

We should close our Bibles each morning with a new thought, a new word for our family.

We should look up from prayer and immediately those around us should see that we have been with Jesus.

Today. right now.

You see your personal time with Jesus isn’t just about YOU. It is about being prepared to face the world with the good news of Jesus written so clearly on your face that people will take notice. That the world will take notice.

Go to Church - Have You Been With Jesus Lately?

Imagine if we all glowed from having been in His presence.

Every single day.

Burdens laid at His feet.

Worries set on His shoulders.

Trust taken to a new level.

New verses hidden in our hearts ready at a moments notice to bless someone as God leads.

True joy and new life surrounding everything we do.

Imagine if churches full of God’s people started shining that kind of light in their daily lives.


Do you feel it? See it?

David wrote about it in Psalm 39:3. He said, “My heart grew hot within me, and as I meditated, the fire burned; then I spoke with my tongue.”

When was the last time your heart grew hot within you after having been with Jesus? When you meditated and it started a fire burning inside you? When it burned so hot that it started coming from your mouth to the world?

Richard Baxter spoke about spending time with Jesus. He said, “Men would see your face shine and say, “Surely He has been with God.”

Imagine if your family, your coworkers, your neighbors said, “Surely He has been with God!” just from seeing your face shine for having been in God’s presence.

Think about Moses. glowing in front of God’s people.

You. glowing like that.

Imagine the fires that would start. The sparks that would go forth. The magnitude of God’s presence spreading through your network because you spent time with Jesus.

The world needs us to be this kind of burning light.

The world needs you to glow like that.

Have you been with Jesus lately?



  1. Dear Jenilee, I have been refreshed and challenged by re-reading some of your blog posts today! Thank you so much for writing them…for letting God use you as His tool to help others!
    I am keeping a prayer journal and I will continue to pray for you and Jeremy and your girls…and your life there in Africa!

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