God is in Control - Letting God Engineer Our Days

Letting God Engineer Our Days

Learning that God is in control is a daily lesson of faith.

It is a constant practice of learning to follow Him, putting my trust in Him and consciously giving my time to Him.

I recently read Mark Batterson’s new book Soul Print.

In the chapter titled “Scene 1: Holy Confidence” that I found a phrase that captured my attention.

Mark was reading Oswald Chamber’s biography and he read these 3 words, “Let God Engineer.”

Those words were freeing and life changing for Mark Batterson and they were freeing and life changing for me.

Let God Engineer.

In other words, “Hello! God is in control. Let Him do His thing in your life!”

I love just thinking about what that means. Releasing all things to God and letting Him have His way.

God is in Control - Letting God Engineer Our Days

Mark Batterson writes, “Most of our emotional problems are symptoms of one deep-rooted spiritual problem: lack of trust in the sovereign God.”

Oh, how exhausting it is to try to hold it all in place on our own!

To try to orchestrate our days and schedule the timing of our lives.

To hold things so tightly that we can’t allow God to engineer each situation.

In doing that, we are saying to God, “I can do this. I don’t need your help. Really, I can do it!”

The questions of “Who? What? When? Where?” are bred into us from early English lessons in elementary school.

We map out, write down, organize and think through every tiny area of our jobs, our homes, and our relationships.

But we must remember that trying to pencil in answers to everything creates an unhealthy sense of control.

A false security in our own abilities to keep everything going on our own.

But in faith, we can say, “Let God engineer!” When we do, it is incredibly freeing.

He is Sovereign and we must give Him control. We must submit our lives to His ultimate plan.

Jill Holler says, “The Holy Spirit drives us to accomplish His purposes, no matter how great the distance or how difficult the terrain. Although weak on our own, we become unstoppable in the face of overwhelming odds, enabled by God’s ability to grant us His unlimited power. ”

*I highly recommend her devotional!

He is worthy of our trust. We must believe that God is in control. We can open our hands and let Him engineer it all. And then, we can experience His unlimited power.

Our lives become not about our own confidence but about trust and belief in a Holy God.

Can you say those words? Can you let go and let God engineer?

God is in Control - Letting God Engineer Our Days

“Trust in the LORD with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding; in all your ways submit to him, and he will make your paths straight.” Proverbs 3:5-6

How are you living and showing that God is in control?

Are you willing to let Him engineer?


  1. This is a wonderful reminder! It can be so hard to let go of the controls (which we never had, anyway), even when we know that God is infinitely more capable than we are. Thank you for sharing this!

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