Behind the Camera - A Real Look at Life Between the Pictures

Life Between the Pictures

I’ve started handing my camera off to my kids a lot lately and letting them get behind the camera.

Partly because they are begging to take pictures. Partly because I see a different glimpse of our lives through their little eyes when they are snapping the pictures.

The pictures might be slightly blurry or funny or off center or half a head, but they are what my girls see and at the moment they choose to push the button.
Behind the Camera - A Real Look at Life Between the Pictures

And I love seeing it through their eyes.

Pictures of real life.

Sharing moments #behindtheprayercard

Because they don’t wait for the perfect moment to snap a photo.

They take pictures of real life.

Mommy and Daddy deciding where to go next.

Behind the Camera - A Real Look at Life Between the Pictures

Or a random wall or a little flower or a bug.

They catch all kinds of things I might have missed.

behind the camera

They get the pose… for me.

Life Between the Pictures #life #marriage #family

But then they keep snapping.

They push the button a few more times.

They catch the moments between the pictures.

They catch the life that happens after the pose.

Mommy picking up her purse and the bags and coats and water bottles.

Life Between the Pictures #life #marriage #family

Mommy and Daddy walking back from their short stroll together through this gorgeous garden. The girls playing in the grass beside us.

Life Between the Pictures #life #marriage #family

So that these precious moments aren’t lost in all the poses.

Behind the Camera - A Real Look at Life Between the Pictures

Giving my girls the camera has captured the life between the pictures.

They aren’t afraid to just keep taking pictures.

And I see life through their eyes a little more clearly.

They are making their own memories through the lens.

As they see mom and dad and life.

Hand off your camera. Let your kids surprise you with the life they choose to capture.

Find out what happens between the pictures when they go behind the camera!




  1. That is a wonderful perspective! I think I’ll buy our grand kids cameras for Christmas:) Love sharing in your Paris journey. Praying for you and missing all of you!

  2. I really enjoy seeing glimpses of your adventure in Paris- whether through your eyes or through the eyes of your girls’. Praying for you and your family as you adjust to this new space and wrap your brain around the French language.

  3. Jenilee…I think it is wonderful that you and the family are on this wonderful adventure! Jesus is with you all along the way…and I know you feel His presence and His strength! These pictures are wonderful! I love that you are letting the girls take the camera and capture things from their point of view! Life happens between the poses…and that is for sure! All of these pictures will be so wonderful to have when the girls are grown up…and they/you all can look back and remember this time of your life. Thanks for sharing this with all of us in blogland! Praying for you. Love, Linda

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