Little Things Matter - In Giving. In Missions. In Life.

Little Things Matter

Little things matter in life.

In our journey of missions, we have been blessed by so many little things that matter.

Blessed by people who are doing amazing things for God.

People who give in little ways that make a huge impact on our lives and the Kingdom of God.

Yet, people who give are often afraid that their gift is too small or not enough or insignificant.

They wish they could do more, give bigger.

Little Things Matter - In Giving. In Missions. In Life.

But I want to tell them their little things matter.

The little, small, real ways of giving and praying and helping matter greatly.

In faith, they dug deep and gave.

I can’t lie and say that the big amounts aren’t a blessing. They are. We need major donors or we won’t meet budget each month.

I’m moved to tears sometimes by the incredible generosity of people who love us and care about missions.

A surprise $250 monthly commitment, a unexpected $1000 donation to our account.

But in the day to day, it is the notes of encouragement, the messages with prayers, the small donations that encourage us and push us.

I was talking to a friend recently who asked, “Now, tell me. What do you need?”

I was able to honestly say we really do need the BIG. Big amounts are hugely important to the task of missions. God has blessed His children abundantly who can in turn give abundantly to the Kingdom work of missions around the world.

Big investments are necessary.

I know that. You know that.

But, I have to say that all the small amounts, the small gifts, the sweet donations are also at the heartbeat of what God does.

He doesn’t just use the big.

(aren’t we so glad about that?)

God uses it all and he takes the little things and makes them matter for eternity.

Whether you can give a big amount to missions or a small amount, the point is giving and doing something!

We were at a church a few weeks ago and the pastor said, “I want you to hurt your pocket book today. I want you to give what you think you might not be able to give. That is faith. That is giving in faith and trusting God for provision.”

I loved that thought, that challenge to give beyond and to go beyond what you think you can do.

When you commit to $10 a month and you know it is something that God is asking of you, do it! He will provide above and beyond.

A college student who says, “I can totally give up Taco Bell each month and pledge $10.” or “That’s just a couple Starbucks drinks… I can do that!”

Don’t think it doesn’t matter or it doesn’t make a difference.

It does.

We have people committing to $5 and $8 and $10 and $15 per month.

If you could just see how those add up and how important they are to us and to the big picture of missions.

My words can’t do it justice.

But, this picture might be able to show you…

A little boy and a lemonade stand for missions.

One hour of his life. $40 to give…

Little Things Matter - In Giving. In Missions. In Life.

A child learning to go outside himself and give so that others can hear the Good News of Jesus.

We had another little girl keep a container in her house that she put change in for the Goodwins to get to Senegal… $34 offering.

Another girl… made cake pops to sell at our garage sale…

Kids giving their dollars together… making an offering of over $6000!

Creative, challenging, fun, dedicated ways to support a missionary.

Little things that matter, that encourage, that together make something incredible.

Giving that extra $25.00 from your quarterly bonus or donating that $500 from the sale of a car…

It all matters. It is all something that God can and will use and bless.

He multiplies. He provides. He does great and mighty things through the littlest things we offer up to Him.

Little things matter.

Big things matter.

Giving matters.

Doing what you can do matters.

Going outside your comfort zone matters.

Learning to give. Having your family support a missionary. Sending a package to a family overseas.

It all matters to a nation that is hurting and lost without the hope of Jesus.

Thank you for giving and for donating and for creatively seeking ways to make all things matter for the Kingdom.

If you have something to contribute or want to give monthly support, check out these ways to give!

Nothing is too small, no monthly pledge is too little, all big things are needed… because really… it isn’t about that.

What is God asking of you? How can you step out in faith?

Little things matter. Let God handle the rest!



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