Live in the present while being able to plan far ahead in - Missionary Life

Look Ahead and Live in the Present

I’m finding that one of the bigger challenges we face in our work overseas is the constant need to look far ahead yet still live in the present. We must plan in advance and be ready for the next thing all while continuing our daily lives.

Planning a transition, wading through the details of another move, making sure that both of our lives, the one overseas and the one stateside, continue on without a hitch.

All while living and working hard right where we are, in the now, in the present day.

Live in the present

We must make plans and decisions based on little information, walk through a ton of blank space yet keep our heads in the game of our current situation.

We find ourselves again in this place.

Live in the present while being able to plan far ahead in - Missionary Life

And after our recent #ourgoodwinjourney staff meeting, which you can watch a bit of here, we have lists going, plans in the making and a building schedule of what the next 6-18 months will look like.

And we need a lot of coffee for the days ahead.

We must figure out who will take care of Zander? and our house? and our belongings on this side of the ocean? How will our bills get paid, our residency papers stamped? Who will keep the ants and geckos from over-taking our entire home?

We wonder how to keep all the details in place and how to finance it all.

Going stateside means needing a vehicle for traveling to churches, it means snow clothes and boots and hats. It means another international transition. Another looming transition for our family.

Conversations about how to transition well, how to say goodbye, how to handle the feelings/conversations of repatriation, and the challenge of yet another school change for the girls.

Live in the present while being able to plan far ahead in - Missionary Life

Starting to move our brains a little bit at a time to the focus of meeting with pastors, talking with supporters, spending time with family and enjoying our home country after 3 years of life abroad.

Yet, we must continue our lives here! The girls must go to school and play with their friends. We continue to meet with pastors, get to know their families and build our lives here… because we will return to this home.

Our hearts are here.

We love our new home.

We love our work in this faraway place.

Live in the present while being able to plan far ahead in - Missionary Life

Spending the day with a national pastor and learning how to harvest bissap and peanuts.

Jumping into their lives wholeheartedly… while planning another big move.

Live in the present

The challenge is great. The tasks overwhelming. The constant “look ahead but live in the moment” is a skill we are honing.

Praying for skillful hands, as David prayed in Psalms. Praying for wisdom, perseverance and alert minds to grasp it all.

Our minds are full of planning ahead and learning to live in the present.

It truly is possible to be fully invested in one place while being excited to see another.

We are living it. And sharing it with you.

Live in the present while being able to plan far ahead in - Missionary Life

Since writing this post, we have finished our furlough and are back overseas.

You can watch another, quite fun, staff meeting here. Where we talk about the process of looking ahead and being able to live in the present.

It is a crazy process for families. Walking your kids through constant transition is not easy!

Tell me about your experience with this:

How do you look ahead, plan ahead and continue living/working in your present place? Do you have a transition coming your way? A furlough on the calendar? How are you moving your family through this process or living yet transitioning?



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