Looking Up when life gets crazy

Looking up

Looking up in the crazy times of life is not easy.

This is our life. Constantly crazy.


Always on the move.

Going. going. going.

But, it is an adventure. A whirlwind of fun that God is leading us in.

An adventure that I often find myself negotiating out of or wishing was easier or trying to make happen faster. But this adventure with God is a slow, grinding, amazing, crazy life.

“When we negotiate with God… we miss the excitement of adventure, the exhilaration of trust, the mind-blowing miracle of “This is all God and no me—this could only happen with Him.” – Elizabeth Laing Thompson in When God Says Go

I have no doubt that He is in it all. That He is working and doing in ways that I could never do on my own.

There was a moment about a week ago that I was feeling ALL the crazy and not really happy about the adventure.

I was tired and sensing the restlessness that comes from uprooting ourselves once again from the normal and embracing the unknown.

I knew that I wasn’t going to give in to the restlessness. I wasn’t going to let myself be discouraged but I also knew that what I was feeling was a normal part of change.

When others around me are settling in, building roots and staying comfortable in their lives, we are selling everything, packing up, moving around and carrying our roots with us.

Learning to think on these things

Neither way is better than the other. Both are places God has called us to.

We happen to be in the “called to be unsettled” group. That’s where He has us.

And in that, comes many feelings… loneliness, sadness, frustration and loss.

Yet in the moment I was feeling those things, God literally arrived. He came to my rescue.

He reminded me that this feeling, these feelings of crazy may be consuming but they are not all there is in this life he has called us to live.

There are also feelings of excitement, joy, thankfulness, blessing and amazement to be felt in all seasons.

I happened to be reading in Genesis 13 where Lot and Abraham split up. In this story, Lot chooses the lush valley, the beautiful land to settle in and Abraham is called to continue his journey through Canaan.

Lot chose to settle.

Abraham was called to keep going, keep moving, keep living unsettled.

In a moment much like the one I was having, God met Abraham.

God said, “Look around from where you are, to the north and south, to the east and west…” God goes on to list His promises to Abraham and remind him that He has a plan for Abraham’s family.

With the instruction to go, Abraham keeps moving while Lot settles in.

God’s words to Abraham were so encouraging to me. They jumped off the page as if God Himself was speaking.

“Lift up your head! Don’t look at those around you. I have a plan for where you are and where I’m calling you to go! I have plans for your family! Look farther… look bigger… keep your eyes ahead of you. Watch me because I’m doing something in the midst of your unsettled state.”

So, as we say goodbye again and as we pack the next suitcase and drive our next 7 hour trip and struggle through our next overseas challenge, I will remember the words of God to Abraham.

I will lift up my eyes and keep my focus on the bigger picture.

Looking Up when life gets crazy

This is temporary.

This is just a fleeting moment in the grand scheme of what God is doing in our lives.

This is an amazing adventure where I have a front row seat to the beautiful things God is doing in the midst of so much unsettled crazy.

No matter where you find yourself today, and it might not be a place like mine, whatever you feel discouraged about, I want to encourage you!

Lift up your head, put your eyes on Jesus and remember He has a plan for where you are and what you are going through.

There is an amazing, God-sized adventure in the crazy, I promise.




  1. I found it ironic that your feelings have been some of my feelings. Here I am unexpectedly settled…maybe like Abraham found himself in Egypt just before Lot and him separate. I have felt loneliness, sadness, frustration and loss, I will add fear to the list.

    Just as Abraham felt fear and decided that he needed to work things out on his own in the land of Egypt instead with the help of God…I tend to do the same thing. Instead of God having all of me, my hopes, my dreams, my calling, I grasp hold of things that need to be let go. God needed to work out some stuff in Abraham while he was settled in Egypt. Abraham needed to learn trust.

    Each phase of the journey is an opportunity to strengthen our trust in the One we follow.

    No matter where we are on life’s journey unexpectedly settled, in my case, or on the move, in yours,…we need to remind ourselves of that promise that God has plans for all of us. He is working on our character on each leg of the journey. He is in the very details of our lives. As we are submitted to Him, He is able to put into a position to use us for His glory and to display His grace.

    Thanks for reminding me of God’s promises. That He always keeps them. No matter where we find ourselves.

    I am so proud of you Jen. You are doing what so many of us cannot even imagine. I know you don’t do it for man’s glory. I know you do it in humble obedience. He will give you strength every step of this journey He has you on. He will be everything you need. And as you see your furniture leave, pack another bag, drive another mile…remember the settled are cheering you on! You are on the adventure of your life, Godspeed every step of the way!

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