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Married to my Best Friend

Living life with my best friend is an honor and a blessing.

Learning to love being married to my best friend makes me thankful and blessed.

When I take the time to really think and understand and give thanks for the daily memories.

The sun was shining bright as it set to the west of our van.

I was wearing my big brown sunglasses and busily entering my calories from dinner in my Lose It app.

As I looked at my phone in my lap, calculating the cost of a yummy Mexican dinner, I thought to myself, “Hmm… ice cream would be fantastic right now.”

I glanced up at Jeremy and realized we had pulled in to none other than a small, cute ice cream shop.

Ice cream.

My Best Friend - Learning to Love Being Married to My Best Friend

My thoughts spilled out my mouth in pure happiness…

“I was just thinking that I wanted ice cream!”

He smiled a knowing smile.

I always want ice cream.

The perfect dessert.

And he anticipated what I wanted.

My Best Friend - Learning to Love Being Married to My Best Friend

My next thought was, “It is so cool to spend every day with my best friend.”

I actually high-fived his sweetness and let him know I was impressed at how well he knew me.

I might have even sang, “…our mental synchronization can have just one explanation… you and I were just meant to be…”

I love living life with him.

Oh, we have our moments and there are reasons I love him that challenge me and cause me to fall to my knees in prayer.

Marriage isn’t all pecans and caramel and chocolate fudge Sundaes with whip cream on top.

But this was one of those moments.

A reason to love him just because he knew what I wanted, he knew what I would like, he knew just the place to take me.

Because he is my best friend.

For no other reason that it would be just plain fun to get ice cream together.

I will tuck that moment away. I will treasure it in my heart.

For those times when marriage is tough and rough and full of frustration.

For those times when hurt wins and forgiveness takes time.

For those moments when the conversation isn’t pretty and the words are harsh.

I will remember my best friend. The ice cream moments.

The whip cream topped dates and the chocolate ice cream happy smiles.

I’m married to my best friend and I love the special synchronized moments of life we spend together.

Do you have a best friend moment in your marriage?


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