Busy Mom Tips - Learning About Motherhood on the Go

Awesome Busy Mom Tips for Motherhood on the Go

I love parenting with schedules and my top busy mom tips have to do with planning, organizing and scheduling.

Schedules keep us all on track and on the same page.

Schedules make me happy.

When my girls were babies, it was very easy to know what my girls needed, why they were fussy, what activity was up next… all because they were on great schedules.

Babysitters didn’t have any guess work. I could write down our day’s plan by the hour.

Nap time, play time, snack time, craft time… everything had a place in our day.

{Unless it was a Daddy day and then all schedules were off the table and the girls went on Daddy time}

But… those days are on the shelf right now.

We are in another season. A busy mom season.

Schedules are out the window during our days on the go.

Every single day is different.

Busy Mom Tips - Learning About Motherhood on the Go

Every single day means adapting to new things, new places and new structures.

That makes mothering a little tricky… and for a schedule-loving mother, well, let’s just say it is more than tricky.

Bed times depend on where we are and what we are doing that night.

Meal times depend on where we are and what we are doing during meal time.

Craft time is coloring in the truck during a 3 hour drive.

School time is on Saturday morning because we had an event during the week.

Breakfast is at 10am because we were up until midnight the night before.

Play time is in a church nursery while Jeremy and I are in a meeting.

My normally very well-planned days are not so much planned at all.

Flexibility is key.

Going with the flow is our new family motto.

Knowing that this won’t last forever keeps a smile on our faces.

Busy Mom Tips - Learning About Motherhood on the Go

Remembering that we can find joy in every day even when we are on the go, schedules are out the window and life feels turned upside down.

Mothering is in the little moments of the day… conversations in the car and prayers before bed.

Mothering through quick life changes and difficult days and feelings of newness all around us.

Mothering a daughter who loves home, a daughter who struggles in change and a daughter who needs to feel in control.

Mothering and teaching and guiding and living by example. Mothering through the stress and transitions.

I’m learning with them as we live on the go and wrap our heads around this very amazing, nomadic lifestyle.

A few busy mom tips:

1} Remember your kids are growing up too. They can handle more, do more, process more and help more. When you realize they are growing up and really walking the busy life with you, you can do these things.

2} Remember family stress can be diminished. Read this.

3} Remember to focus on what matters. The health of your family, the fun times, date nights and ways to connect as a family still need to be at the forefront.

4} Remember to take time away if you need it. How do you know if you need it? Read this.

5} Remember that busy moms are doing just fine. You are enough. God loves you.

Living one day at a time. Finding joy in it all. Mothering on the go for busy moms takes a little extra encouragement and planning but it can be done well.

How do you mother on the go? What is one of your busy mom tips?



  1. I think you guys are doing awesome with all this. I would struggle with the lack of schedule and longing for home. Continued prayers for you and your family.

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