Mom Job - Motherhood is the Ultimate Coaching Job

Motherhood is the Ultimate Coaching Job

Oh the mom jobs. There are so many of them!

Between helping our kids with friendships and talking them through disagreements with siblings and doing devotions and parenting ahead and helping them love church and making sure our family stays connected during busy times

Oh, and enforcing chores, managing home cleaning schedules, monitoring time online, the morning routine, the bedtime routine, the homework routine…

Are you as exhausted as I am thinking about all of those things?

Add your own things to the list of mothering tasks.

Motherhood truly is the ultimate coaching job. THE mom job.

Mom Job - Motherhood is the Ultimate Coaching Job

We are training our kids to be a part of the team of life.

Real. Raw. LIFE.

Preparing our kids for that task is huge, daunting and incredible valuable.

And as exhausted as this coaching job makes us, we must be ready for the day and ready to do our job well.

There is always room for mistakes and the “I’m sorry… please forgive me” times.

But our coaching jobs as moms are the most important coaching job we will ever have.

And even the mistakes are part of the bigger picture, the bigger game, the ultimate job of coaching our kids.

Every day is the big game and requires stellar coaching skills.

Here is the cool thing though…

You can do this.

You can be that coach.

You can coach your kids that well. every day.

Through exhaustion, through frustration, through every game day battle…

You are THAT mom.

You are THEIR mom.

You are the exact coach that God placed in your children’s lives.

You can do this ultimate coaching mom job.

Perfectly able, perfectly positioned, perfectly equipped to take on this task.

You know your team well.

You, even on your most difficult day, are the one the team needs to perform at their best.

You, even when you have absolutely no words to offer, are the warrior coach for your kids.

You. God-made, God-placed, God intended in your kids lives.

Don’t doubt it even for a moment.

You are filling this coaching job on assignment from the King of Kings.

Persevere. Push through. Encourage yourself so you are ready to encourage them.

Take care of YOU.

Be the best YOU.

So tomorrow, or tonight, or in the middle of the night… when you find yourself going over the game plays, the strategies, the tips, the how tos, the big teaching moments…

When you see the big plays get fumbled and you see your star players fall down…

Pick them back up.

Mom Job - Motherhood is the Ultimate Coaching Job

Coach them well.

Ask God for wisdom and remember you are that mom. Their mom.

Coaching the ultimate team in the ultimate mom job.




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