Feeling Overwhelmed - When There Are No Words

When There Are No Words

Sometimes, when we are feeling overwhelmed, there are no words.

Sometimes the problems are too big.

Sometimes the situations are too hard.


Hurting people, broken families, difficult sickness and disease.

Feeling Overwhelmed - When There Really Are No Words

Lately, I have been thinking about all the needs around me. The needs in my life, the needs of those close to me, the needs of people all around me. So many incredible needs.

Feeling Overwhelmed

I’ve found, that sometimes in the midst of feeling overwhelmed with the needs around me, I tend to back away from God instead of running towards Him.

Now, don’t get me wrong, this isn’t a deliberate “I’m walking away!” kind of thing but more of a slow, unplanned expression of “God, I don’t even know how to word these needs and you really know them anyway… so I’m just not sure what to say or what to pray…” kind of thing.

Have you ever experienced a time in your life where the needs were just that big?

So big you couldn’t even find the words?

The needs overwhelm yet we know God is faithful, enduring, all-knowing and ever-present. But even knowing that about our God, it is hard to pray.

When thinking about the needs around me, a small piece of a Casting Crowns song flitted through my heart.

The phrase is from Jesus, Hold Me Now and it says, “Lord, I just looked up today and realized how far away I am from where You are…”

“Oh,” I prayed, “I’m so sorry, Lord. I’ve done that haven’t I?”

In feeling overwhelmed, I often fail to run to Him. I sometimes find myself looking up just to realize how far I am from the One who can help me.

Feeling Overwhelmed - When There Are No Words

We have only ONE place to run when the needs overwhelm us.

When we feel like the needs are too big for words, too great to pray, too complicated to express… still run to God.

Cling to Him.

Remember that He is big enough to shoulder our great needs whether we put it into words or not. He really does know them anyway but He wants to hold us and help us. We can lay the needs at His feet and trust that He is working good in each situation.

We don’t have to shy away, we can run full on into His loving arms.

Even when we don’t have the words.

Even when we are feeling overwhelmed.

Let God see your heart.

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