Bible Verses About Missions With Printable Missions Journal

One Month Missions Prayer Journal

You are searching for Bible verses about missions.

Verses that will help you dig into God’s Word and find verses that speak to you about missions and share God’s call on our lives to bring hope to the World.

Well, a one month missions scripture journal is ready for you!

God has been challenging me to go deeper in the coming year.

Honestly, I feel that is the challenge every year.

This year the challenge includes something obvious. Something very real to our lives. A challenge to go deeper in an area we already know well… but need to know more.

Bible Verses About Missions

Although we are workers overseas and missions is extremely important to us, I don’t know that I dig into scripture for God’s heart for missions as much as I need to do.

I’ll even be extra honest and say sometimes I even want to skip over missions passages because “oh, I know that one”… ever been there?

But living out this life brings these verses alive in new ways. Like this dirty feet verse.

I don’t want to just live this life of missions. I don’t want to just read about missions in books or blogs.

I want to have HIS heart for this place, these people. I want to know what God says about it all in a deeper, more meaningful, more applicable way.

What does God see?

What does He feel?

What does He want?

I want to see it through His eyes. I want to feel His heartbeat and know His direction for each step I take.

Honestly, staying that focused can be hard.

Seemingly impossible.

The poverty, the desperation, the very quest for survival in the lives of those around us.

The sickness, the need, the task.

Every day I feel the weight of how big, how massive, how unending is this job of missions.

And if I don’t stay in the Word, hear His voice, and seek His plan, I can get lost in the cycle of doing and being busy.

I created a list of Bible verses about missions with scriptures that I want to focus on in January (but really, whatever month you are reading this post, just jump in!) and I’m inviting you to focus on them with me.

Bible Verses About Missions With Printable Missions Journal

Whether you live overseas or not, you are a vital part of God’s heartbeat for this world… that ALL might know Him.

You pray, you give, you go, you support, you encourage, you uphold.

You tirelessly continue in your area of missions

But, with this journal, let’s pray for His eyes, His heartbeat, His plan for where we are. Let’s ask Him to help us go deeper in what He sees, what He wants, and what He is doing in our world.

As we dig into Bible verses about missions, let’s read, think, write, seek and pray for what God is saying anew through His word to us.

Bible Verses About Missions With Printable Missions Journal

These are verses you’ve read before.

These are things you know… but maybe God wants to say something new. Something fresh.

Maybe He wants to take you deeper.

Join me?

Click here to download the PDF.

{or just snap a picture on your phone of the reading plan!}

Grab a new notebook… or continue in the one you are currently working through… and journal through these Bible Verses on missions for one month.

As a companion guide, you can download this missionary prayer guide.

Please come back let me know a few things you learn along the way!








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