Global Missions - Our Motivation to Go into All the World

Our Motivation to Go Into All the World

Growing up, global missions was important but never something I saw myself doing fulltime.

But it has always been on Jeremy’s heart to work in missions somewhere in Africa. He felt God’s voice when he was 9 years old.

Yet, in God’s amazing ways, I felt myself let go of my way and embrace a willingness to serve in missions.

Our hearts were aligned for career missions before we were even married.

Our motivation to go is solid and strong. The call of global missions part of our daily heartbeat.

Global Missions - Our Motivation to Go into All the World


Our call.

Our reason for walking this crazy road of missions and raising support.

Kids are the best place in ministry to be. The very best place in a church to serve. The very best place a person can invest their time, funds and energy.

Especially around the world.


Kids are incredibly important to the heart of God and therefore, they are incredibly important to us.

“Let the redeemed of the Lord tell their story…” Psalm 107:2

Global Missions - Our Motivation to Go into All the World

Not only that… kids are just plain amazing. And ministering to them is a joy. Sharing Jesus with them is priceless.

Magnify that with bringing hope to kids who have never heard… kids who may never have an opportunity to hear… even more priceless… if that is possible.

Raising support, language school, learning to communicate with a new culture, culture shock, living in a new country, new school situations, and so much more is faced on a daily basis for global missions.

We have more roads to journey, more days to navigate.

Always, we have more things to learn.

This journey is long. It is in depth. It is taking faith and trust and the hope that God is at work in every part of our days.

We are in this for the long haul.

Ready to take on everything this process will bring…

Because of kids.


These kids. And the many more kids just like them that are waiting to hear the precious name of Jesus.

But we need your help. Your support. Your prayer. Your giving.

Every prayer, every financial gift, every encouraging note encourages us, helps us, and blesses the work of global missions.

Will you?

Check out the many ways to give and to pray

Thank you for being a part… thank you for joining our journey.

Thank you for helping us reach kids in Senegal.



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