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Our School Room

When talking about homeschool supplies, it is necessary to talk about the homeschool school room.

I’m going to take you on a tour of our recently cleaned and newly organized school room!

{Blogging about homeschooling is sure a great way to be held accountable… and I need that sometimes}

This is our school room…

Elayna and Annalise sit at the ends of our table with divider boards in the middle. This will be a big help to Annalise who gets easily distracted.

I’m also really excited about our new workbox stations! We love our workboxes. A homeschool must-have for sure!

This is Abby’s desk. She has made it her own, can you tell? She thinks those curtains are there just for her. So cute. Next to her desk is our supply drawers. These are filled with folders, paper, notebooks, and other odds and ends school stuff.

These are our craft shelves. Beads, glue, paint, clay, stickers… then, on the bottom, are bins with puzzles, felt boards, magnet dolls and other activities.

This is my desk, which is fun… it used to be Elayna’s desk. The shelves behind me have our other supplies, books, games, and other various homeschool necessities.

I’m really loving our new schoolroom look and how well it fits our homeschooling needs right now.

We are blessed with the space to make our school a big part of our home. It is fun for the girls to know when we do school, they have a place to go. They also love showing Daddy all that they have accomplished by taking him to the schoolroom.

What does your school room look like and what do you love about your space? What is working for you this year? How to you display, use and organize your homeschool supplies?




    1. It is really nice… but I must say that sometimes the school stuff STILL gets spread all over because the girls like to do school other places 🙂 but that is the fun of homeschooling, right? 🙂

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