To Rely on Others - Raising Support and Learning to Receive

Learning Through Raising Support

We are learning to rely on others.

And it feels like one of the weirdest position of our lives.

We NEED everything.

We need people. finances. prayer. help.

It feels odd and so different to NEED that much from everyone around us.

Which is why my word for the year is dependent. Total dependence on God.

Lately, we’ve had a lot of comments made to us like, “You are sales people now.” or “You just have to put yourself out there.” or “Yes, it is hard, but you have to ask anyway.”

To Rely on Others - Raising Support and Learning to Receive

All true.

All very much our new reality.

But there is a problem.

Neither one of us are good sales people.

Neither one of us like putting ourselves out there. Yes, I have this blog, but in a way, that makes me even more introverted. I’d rather share here with a veil of privacy than be completely vulnerable and exposed in front of a church asking for funds.

We both love being quiet, in the background… even though our jobs (and the help of the Holy Spirit) gets us in front of people.

Neither one of us likes discussing our finances and asking people for support.

But… it is part of this missions journey.

Missions costs money.

Missions is expensive.

Sending a family around the world is costly.

Missions takes the body of Christ working together.

I’ve always known that, but recently, God has begun to change my view of what we are doing. He is teaching me to rely on others. To rely on the Church. To rely on Him.

To Rely on Others - Raising Support and Learning to Receive

The asking doesn’t feel so weird because God has given me a new perspective.

Every part of the body of Christ needs the rest of the body to do its job. They all must work together in perfect cohesiveness, harmony and peace to get the job of the Great Commission completed.

When we are asking for support, we are asking you to step into missional giving. We are giving you an opportunity to help another part of the body.

We are asking you to trust that little things matter.

You see, we are like a foot.

A foot can not just walk where God tells it to go.

It needs the muscles and tendons and brain and actually, the whole body moving with it to give it the needed momentum.

A foot needs momentum behind it to cause it to move. The foot may know where it wants to go, but without the body, it can’t get there.

That is us.

Without the body, a moving momentum behind us, we can’t get there.

So, when we ask for support, we are asking for the body to move us.

We are asking for the body of Christ to put tendons and muscles and brain power into our calling.

That shouldn’t be weird.

It is Biblical. and right. and good. and exactly how God created the body to work.

He created it that way so that not everyone has to go and not everyone has to do the same jobs. We are all to help each other complete the jobs God sets before us.

We are a team.

Working together.

Building momentum to get the huge job laid before us completed.

We are willing to be the foot. to go to foreign lands. to have so not beautiful feet

We need the body to move us there.

Can you help?

Every pledge is the perfect amount. However big, however small.

And please don’t wait. So many plans for travel, packing, language school have to get rolling and we can’t do any of that until we know if our support is in place.

If you can give now, please do.

We need the momentum of new pledges coming in to propel us forward into the next month.

For our feet to keep moving, we NEED you.

God wants you to be a part of moving His people into places around the world.

You can very easily be the momentum behind our feet.

Checking out our giving page for more info!


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