Reasons Why We Run and Keep Running

Reasons Why We Run and Keep Running

Sometimes I have to remember the reasons why we run.

And I know people wonder.

I was on the phone with my dad recently.

I had just told him that we signed up for the Paris Marathon.

26.2 Miles of intense craziness.

He said, “Why? Why are you running?”

He wasn’t asking to be discouraging. He was really asking.

I’ve never been a runner.

In fact, I’ve only ever run 1 official run… and that was a 5k. or 3.1 miles.

Now I just signed up for 26.2 in spring of 2015?



Why am I running? What are the reasons why we run?

Reasons Why We Run and Keep Running

Why are WE running a marathon of all things?

And in the middle of language school? Living for the first time overseas?

I’ve been thinking about this since my dad asked the question.

Jeremy and I even talked about it.

Our answers are simple.

1. We actually enjoy running. Yes. I just typed that sentence. We enjoy going out to run. I’ve moved past the “I hate this.” stage and the “Ok, that wasn’t so bad.” stage and even the “I guess I could like this.” stage to “Wow… running is a great thing.” stage. We are even learning to enjoy those long runs!

2. We can run together. Running is something we can do as a couple. Away from computers, phones, tvs, kids, stress, homework… just us. On the road or the trail or a path in the woods… just us. Quiet time together. To talk… or not. Just run. A perfect date idea that we both love.

3. Running reduces stress. Within a few minutes of running you HAVE to let go of whatever is bothering you. You have to relax and concentrate. You have to focus. You have to breath. When the run is done, you have to stretch and shower and rest. Running reduces, relieves and many times eliminates stress. Whatever was bothering me is put back in perspective either because I made myself think and pray about it for an hour or Jeremy and I talked about it for an hour. Running has been a blessing to us in helping us stay focused and relaxed during the many changes in our lives over the past 2 years. Check out what Runner’s World has to say about stress and running.

He restores my soul... #health #running #fitness #stress

4. Running gets us off the couch. Running keeps us active and moving and healthy.

A beginner runner’s journey

15 Running Helps for New Runners

5. Running prioritizes health. When we run, we battle for running time in the midst of a busy life. Since we have very little free time, time to run is precious. That means eating right, getting enough sleep, drinking water… all to be ready to run whenever the time works to fit in a run.

6. Running creates aches and pains. But they are good aches and pains. {usually} Yes. Our bodies take a beating with all this running. BUT… we’ve lost weight, trimmed up. We are stronger, breathing better, running longer. So, it is either the aches and pains of gained weight and all the health issues that brings… or the growing pains of your body becoming stronger and more fit while it learns to be active. We’ve had sprained ankles, bruised foot bones, inflamed hip joints… but as we learn to run correctly and our bodies become stronger, we see less of that and way more of the benefits of running. Just keep going…

7. Running teaches us things. Many, many things. I’ve learned so much while running. Running in snow or rain, up hills, through injury… fighting for time to run, battling through the “I don’t want to do this!”. I’m stronger than I knew, healthier than I’ve ever been and watching myself do something I never dreamed I could do.

the reasons why we run #running #fitness

We run for that. The reasons why we run.

Why do you run?


We did run that marathon! You can read about it here.




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