Trusting God with everything #faith

A Resounding Message of Trust

Trust in God sometimes comes in middle of the night whispers.

It comes during the day with deep convictions or compelling conversations or unexpected circumstances.

Moments of God clearly telling me to trust.

Trust Him in ALL things.

Things I can’t control.

Things I can control.

Things I worry about and things I think are doing fine.

Trust in God through it all.

Trusting Him with my kids.

and my husband.

Trust in God - A Resounding Message of Trust in God

Trusting God that He sees them, He knows them and He is with them wherever they are in the day.

Trusting that if He wakes me up to pray over our home, our apartment, our family, our kids very lives… He has a purpose.

I can trust Him with the details.

I can hold on to His promises. I can be still.

Holding my most treasured earthly possessions with an open hand.

Trust in God

Knowing… it is well with my soul. Because of Jesus. And His deep love for my family.

Trust in God - A Resounding Message of Trust in God

I can trust Jesus with the details.

When things don’t make sense, when life is hard, when big decisions effect everything about our lives.

When I don’t understand, when I hurt for my kids, when I get a glimpse of the realities of our lives…

I am getting a resounding message from my Father in heaven to trust.

“Trust me.” He whispers.

My grace is sufficient.” He says.

I am enough for today.” He promises.

I can trust Him… as we walk in obedience to His call, I can trust Him.

We are not home yet. And while we are here, we are ALL given a resounding message to trust.

To let Him engineer.

Give Jesus the details of life, the struggles of my heart, the bits of control I think I have… and trust.

A resounding message to trust Him.

“The faith that overcomes the world is the faith that has overcome self, cast all inhibitions aside, fallen at the feet of Jesus in unceasing devotion, and trusted that God’s will and way are best.” – Dick Brogden



  1. It is so beautiful to trust the Lord that way Jenilee! To be able to be still..and to hand over everything to Him! This post was so encouraging. When we loved our families so is good to remember that God loves them even more than we do…and we can trust Him with their care!

    Love, and prayers!
    Linda Hogeland

  2. Beautiful. Praying you hear those whispers of trust right when you need them.

    P.S. That picture of Jeremy and Elayna being silly reminds me of a picture I saw a long time ago of a girl swinging on a swing that is on God’s finger. Trusting the father. Elayna trusting Jeremy. You trusting your Father. Good stuff. 🙂

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