Resources for Life Overseas

We just want to share some resources with you about this crazy, wild season of missionary life.

Our prayer is that by sharing OUR story with you and then YOU sharing YOUR story with us, together we can walk this journey of life overseas.

Remember, what worked for us may or may not work for you. God is equipping YOU for the task ahead and we pray that this list can be a sounding board for your overseas journey! He’s creating and weaving your very own overseas life story. Never doubt that.

We believe that with a greater understanding of overseas life, you will be better equipped to connect, go or be an active part of missions around the world.

*Each title is a link to a post about that topic… just click the title you’d like to read!

New Overseas Workers

22 Things I’d Tell A New Worker

Things I’d Tell A First Termer

How to Tell A Support Raising Family

Things NOT to Say to a New Worker

The End of Me

First Term Discoveries

Six Months in Africa

Navigating the First Years of Culture Shock

7 Must Have Healthy Habits for Overseas Workers – PDF Guide

Encouraging Resources for Overseas Life

Moving Overseas Tips

Tips for Surviving Well in Small Spaces

Family Travel on a Budget

Tips for Moving Overseas

Tips for Moving to Africa and Beyond

Ultimate Packing Guide

10 Things to Ask Before Moving Overseas – PDF Guide


Taking Route Podcast – Persevering Through Intense Seasons Overseas

the phrase Sell Everything and Go

Funny Videos to Explain Missionary Life – LAUGH!!!

Ways to Encourage Yourself

Never forget that little things matter!

Home Without A Home

Saying Goodbye

Citizenship: Heaven

Extra Bags

Bloom Where You Are Planted

Not Home Yet

Words of Wisdom

Your Own Cobra Story

When It Really is NOT ME!

Encouragement for the Modern Overseas Worker


You Know You Are Prepping for Furlough

Dear Mom on Furlough

Preparing MKs for Furlough

Feeling Emotional During Transition

Homeschooling for a Season

10 Things to Check Off Your List in Transition

Connecting with Supporters

5 Things Workers Need

10 Things From the Worker Family

A Heart for the World – a 5 Day series of different writers sharing how to help kids have a heart for the world and those who work around the world

A Beginner’s Guide to Supporting a Family Overseas

Things I Would Not Say to an Overseas Mom

Things I Would Not Say to a NEW Worker

Sending a Care Package Overseas

Writing Newsletter Ideas

One Month Missions Prayer Guide – PDF download

Encouraging Resources for Overseas Life

Social Media Help

Social Media Tips for Beginners

And for when you are on the field, A Missionary Speaks about Social Media

Tips for the Tightrope of Social Media

Working Overseas

Stress and Life Overseas

We are on the Same Team

A Heart for the World

Motivation to Go

Life in a Fish Bowl

The Things We Brought

Just Keep Going

When it Really is NOT Me

6 Months in Africa

First Term Discoveries

Creating Team Mottos

Marriage in Missions

Working Closely With Your Spouse

Successful Communication

Daily Marriage Challenge

1 Thing you Should NOT Do in Marriage

Enjoy Living Life Together

Marriage in the Desert

10 Ways to THRIVE in Marriage Overseas

Stress in Marriage

Not Your Average Headache

your go-to guide for life and work overseas - resources

Overseas Parenting

Tips for the Busy Family

Facts of a Traveling Life

Parenting Ahead – so important for all the travel and services and visits and meetings!!

Unexpected Gifts of Being Together

Diminishing Family Stress

Helping Kids Say Goodbye in Healthy Ways

Sushi for Lunch and other ways MKs are different

Creating a Biblical World View


Invisible Foundation

Mommy Stress

Patience, Self-Control and Respect

Motherhood is Enough

Parenting TCKs

Strengthening Families in Transition

6 Reminders for Our TCKs

Other Resources We Love

Velvet Ashes – a community for overseas women

A Life Overseas blog

Taking Route Podcast and blog – a must listen for overseas moms

Global Trellis – helpful articles, challenges, workshops and resources

Paracletos – great resources each week for missionaries

Thrive Ministry – a ministry for global women with amazing retreat possibilities

SHARE Education Services – if you have TCKs, this is a valuable resource to know about

Peter’s Wife – a wonderful list of many, many good resources for families overseas

ARREST – a lot of great information, resources, training and testing for expat families

Fly For Good – blog full of great travel information for families and ministry groups

Thanks for stopping by and be sure to say hello on one of our posts.

We will be working… and chatting over coffee… and learning more things to share with you!

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